PR Guidelines

Would you like me to review your product or service and host a giveaway?  Sure thing!

I especially love doing these for WAHM’s and companies who focus on mom and family needs.

There are a few things I ask.

*When you provide me with a product to test you must also provide one for me to giveaway to my readers.  I do not give away used items.

*Items and services must be family friendly and rated G, please.

*I will always be true in my reviews.  This may include small criticisms, but always with tact and honesty.

*I review and host giveaways for products that focus on new moms, moms to be, breastfeeding moms, babywearing moms and mom’s in general, as well as families, children, healthy living, animals and gardening.

*I am a homesteading, homeschooling, breastfeeding, babywearing, gardening, healthy eating, photographer wannabe, outdoor active mom to 7 children.  If I can help you to bring your product or service to my readers, Twitter friends and Facebook buddies just let me know!

*Contact me at cottonblossom424 at yahoo dot com.


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