Old Fashioned Blogroll

Here are some fantastic blogs to visit:

If you know of another great blog, or would like to add yours, let me know.  I would love to add it!

Please leave a comment with the name of your blog and your link.  I will link it up!  I would appreciate you sharing my blog in your blogroll as well.

15 responses to “Old Fashioned Blogroll

  1. Here is a link to my blog…I just found yours!

    Penelope’s Oasis

  2. Hey thanks for following me on twitter! Love your blog. here is a link to mine


  3. Please add my blogs to your blogroll. Thanks so much!
    e-Mom :~D

    Under Family/Mom:

    Susannah’s Aprons

    Under Teaching/Homeschooling:

    C h r y s a l i s

  4. Add me to your blog roll:

    http://kidscraftsandchaos.blogspot.com to your Family/Mom list



  5. You are very honest about your post-baby (ies) body image. I think you and your readers will appreciate the same quality in my blog. It’s more about fitness but could fall under Mom/Family too.




  6. Would love to be added to your blog roll under family/mom blogs. Love your blog!!!!!

  7. Mine would fall under family/mom blog. Thanks for adding me!

  8. I’m not sure how I missed that we could ask to be added? I read your blog all the time 🙂



  9. tattooedweddingringsandwhiskeyprayers

    I have you on my personal fb page and now on my blog and am about to add you to my families blog as well….lol….I think I’m a fan.

    • Oooo, I am truly honored!! It is time to update my blogroll and add you and few other “new finds” to it. 🙂

      • tattooedweddingringsandwhiskeyprayers

        Thanks girl!!!! if you have a minute sometime you might check out the blog I do with my sister and cousins…I RECENTLY CANNED MY FIRST FOOD. Of course, apparently this (our first year of having a garden) we decided we needed LOTS of peppers and tomatoes. We don’t eat tomatoes much and who needs THAT many peppers? but anyway, it has given us the confidence to already begin planning for a bigger garden next year. Gotta start somewhere I guess 🙂 The blog is called Memmies Lil’ Ladies, in honor of my grandmother. We are on wordpress and facebook!

  10. I would love to be added to your blogroll! Here is my link 🙂

  11. Love reading about your life. We are fairly new to being a largish family (i used to think 4 was big until i met others like your lovely family), we adopted 3 childen at once a couple years ago. Still feel like I’m playing catch up! Also new to home schooling. My blog is mostly about parenting hurting children, being a mom in general, and trying to be a Christ follower in this crazy world. Would love to be on your blogroll!

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