Tackle it Tuesday- More baby stuff!

     For some strange reason a big focus in our house has been baby stuff.  LOL

     With 9 official days until Baby Girl gets here we are now in high gear to get things prepared.

     That is where my Tackle it Tuesday is coming into play.  Being that this is our 6th girl, and she is being born at a time of year when her sisters were not, we have very little to dress her in.  

     I have been working on getting some of the items from my Baby List post.  Some really cute things like: 


     Now I can mark the baby clothes off of my to-do list for her.  That leaves me with getting Mr. Muscles to get the cradle brought into the house, ordering some more diapers, finding an old-fashioned diaper pail, finish putting together my birth kit, and narrowing down some names.  🙂 

     Just a thought.  If all 4 ultrasounds were wrong and this is a boy, he will not be the most manly dressed.  LOL

     What are you tackling (ed) this week?  Need some inspiration?  Pop over to 5 Min for Mom and check it out!

Fully Relying on God,


4 responses to “Tackle it Tuesday- More baby stuff!

  1. Super cute outfits! I love buying girl clothes. 😛

  2. The outfits are so cute!!!!
    Did you decide if you were doing a home birth?

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Your page makes me smile. I love your big family. It must be full of joy and laughter. Congratulations on your baby girl. These outfits are cute. It’s fun to dress our girls in cute baby girl outfits.

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