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I have been experimenting again!

You may already know I love to experiment with my soaps, but Mr. Muscles recently inspired me to try something a little different.

He has been using my soaps to wash his hair with fantastic results.  Yay!  He has a very oily scalp and a lot of shampoos just didn’t do a very good job.  After seeing how well it worked on him several of us tried it.  Sadly, my hair, and that of a few of our kids, is too thick to use just a bar.

That was when I was inspired!  I took one cup of my soap shavings (I hand trim all of the bars and save the shavings) and 1 cup of water, mixed them in a small pot and heated it up.  When it was all thoroughly melted I gave it time to cool.

After the mixture was completely cooled I put it into two shampoo bottles.  It filled one up and halfway filled the other.

I have used it twice now and love it!  It cleans my thick hair beautifully!  EXCITING!

Something I will adjust next time is the water to soap shavings ratio.  It came out a little thick.  It comes out of the bottle fine, but I would like it to flow a little better.

I am pumped about this!  Am I being a little goofy?  I just can’t help it.  LOL  I feel like have conquered something.  Woo Hoo!

What I love is that this frugal, and my soaps contain no fragrance oils, dyes, or preservatives which means it is healthy, too!

So, making my own shampoo and it actually working fantastically works for me!    Does this count as a recipe?  I am sure it does!!!

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Always in God’s Hands,


WFMW- In 3……..2……..1……..Go!


This past spring I was introduced to Flylady.

Now, I had heard of her, and just as quickly dismissed her, years ago.  I mean I was literally introduced to Marla Ciley at the Ft. Benning Women’s Conference, and the woman changed my life!  She is wonderful.  She even had me admitting all kinds of weird stuff.

Yes, I do refold the towels my family folds.

Yes, I will go back and arrange the pillows and throws on the couch after a child “helps me out”.

Yes, I do go back and reload the dishwasher after one of my big kids loads it.

Sad.  I know.

One of the best things she teaches about is the timer.  Just a plain egg timer.  I am amazed at what I can get done in a short 15 minutes.  What is better than that?  How much the kids are into Flylady but especially the timer, that’s what!

I simply grab my timer, set it for 5 minutes, and challenge them to accomplish as much as they can in their assigned areas in that time.  The three year old up to the thirteen year old accept the challenge and are so proud of how much they get done.

Who knew kids could get so fired up about cleaning just from hearing me say, “3 …… 2 …… 1 …… GO!”.

Timers and kids excited about cleaning Works For Me!

Fully Relying on God,



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WFMW- Fighting Crazy Winter Hair

        This tip was posted orginally back in January of 2008, but we are in full crazy winter hair mode.   You know what I am talking about.  You and your family are all bundled up, run into the store, pull off the hat (or hood) and BOOM, crazy hair.  It sticks to their faces.  It stands out all over the place. 

     You try to smooth it down, but it pops back out defiantly.  How in the world can hair stand out, stick to you and go up your nose at the same time?  Please tell me I am not the only one who experiences this!

     In addition to crazy hair, I have 6 girls, and a couple of them are extremely tenderheaded.  Detanglers are great but can be expensive to keep buying, and they always run out when you need them most. 

     So, what do I do?  I make my own!  All you need is a small squirt bottle, water and hair conditioner.  Put about 1 tablespoon of conditioner in the bottle, add water and gently shake until it is fully mixed together.  This can be used on wet hair as a detangler or on dry hair to detangle and control frizz.  A spritz or two calms the crazy winter hair static problems as well.

     I just pop my little spray bottle in my purse when we are heading out.  When we get to our destination a quick, light spray and we shed that whole I-just-rubbed-party-balloons-all-over-my-head look.  Woo Hoo! 

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This post was originally posted Jan. 23, 2008, but I wanted to share it again with a little updating.

WFMW- My very own Starbucks!

     I have to admit to ya’ll that I am a Starbuck’s girl.  Oh mamma, give me a grande Java Chip anyday!  Now that it is the Christmas season they have brought another one that just calls to me. 

     The Peppermint Mocha Latte. 

     Oh sweet heaven in a cup! 

     The problem with this whole Starbucks thing is that I can’t go forking over a fiver everytime I want some chocolate-y coffee.    Sigh.

     BUT, I figured out a little rendition of the Peppermint Mocha Latte of my own. 

     I combined a hot cup of fake coffee, you know the crystalized stuff, and a cup of hot chocolate.   It was delish!  I have made several of them over the past few days, and I am loving it!  No trip into town.  Not to mention it is cheap and easy to make. 

     Today I found a way to add that little something to my new found drink.  Peppermint food flavoring!  I have cinnamon,  peppermint, vanilla and almond.  The peppermint was fab, and now I am working on trying the others. 

     Being cheap frugal and a nut for chocolate helped me to discover my very own Starbucks knockoff, and that works for me!

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WFMW- Yearbooks

     As a homeschooling parent I have often thought about finding a way to create a family yearbook to represent each school year.  I had no idea how to do it.  Until now. 

     If you don’t homeschool- DON”T GO ANYWHERE!  This is not just for homeschoolers.  How about creating a yearbook to commemorate your family’s activities for the year, or a “through the years” book for a high school senior, or remembering your child’s first year of life, or their first year of school?  There are so many reasons to create a “yearbook”. 

     I have tried and tried, but I am not a scrapbooker.  I have supplies.  I don’t really have the time to give to making the pages and then putting them all into books.  I needed something quicker and easier.  This is where Our Hubbub by Jostens comes in and saves the day.

     It is so easy.  I choose a design I like.  Personally, I chose the Homeschool Modern design. 

Then I chose the cover.  You can choose one already done or customize your own. 

     I uploaded the photos I wanted, and I was able to make the pages look exactly like what I had envisioned.

     I have had a blast making our family’s yearbook for the ’08-’09 school year.  For example, I made a USA Gymnastics page for Ms. Firecracker (8 ), an Upward cheerleading and basketball page for Ms. Serious (11), an AAU Gymnastics page for Ms. Lovebug (6), and a birthday page to cover the birthdays they each had during the school year.  All 6 birthdays and the arrival of our newest in May.

     It has been a fantastic way to commemorate our school year and all our family has done and that works for me!

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God bless,


WFMW- Steamin’ it up!

     I have such a cool WFMW tip share with ya’ll courtesy of the two iconic cleaning ladies from England (via the spectacular show “How Clean Is Your House)!

     This tip is two-fold for your bathroom mirror.   Using shaving cream to clean your bathroom mirror not only will get it absolutely sparkling, but it will also keep your mirror from fogging up during showers.  How cool is that?!  It not only fascinated me, but it also had the kids completely enthralled.  What can I say?  They are cheap dates.  LOL  JK!  

     Anywho, not only is it a great WFMW tip, but is also something pretty neat to show the youngin’s.  🙂 

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WFMW- Ear Candles

     My WFMW this week is one that internet and RL people ask me about a lot.  Ear candles.  I love ear candles!! 

     My oldest produces a lot of earwax, and that caused her to have poor hearing and ear infections.  Years ago someone turned me on to ear candles and they have been a huge blessing ever since. 

     If one of the children has an earache I will use the ear candles on them.  We had another gymnastics family whose daughter was suddenly unable to keep her balance.  She kept falling off of the beam and was very unsure on the floor and vault.  I took a pair of ear candles by for her to try.  The young lady had so much ear wax that it was throwing her equilibrium off!

     Here is me doing Ms. Serious’ (12) ears today.

Here are the ear candles.   They are available at any good health food store.  I pay $1.89 for each.

Cut a hole into a paper plate to put the ear candle into.  I suggest the large paper plates.

I have lit the top and inserted the candle into her ear.  The candle just sits into the opening of the ear canal.  They can hear some of the popping as the candle burns down.  If there is smoke coming from around the bottom of the candle you need to insert it a little further. 

As the candle burns down, I trim off the burnt part and put it into a glass of water. 

Here is what it pulls out.  There is ear wax all the way up with the bulk of it at the bottom.  I am always amazed!  LOL

     I have to admit that I was a little intimidated the first time I used ear candles, but I quickly got over it when I saw how easy it was and how well they worked. 

     So, ear candles for stuffy ears, wet ears, ear aches or lots of earwax, that is what works for me!

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Leaning on God,


WFMW- Flea bitten varmits!

     I know fleas and ticks do not go away during winter, but they do come out in force when the weather warms up.  Now that the weather is warming up that means that the wave of pests is starting to build.  

     I am not one who likes the drops that you can put on your animals.  The neurological and digestive side effects are just not worth it.  I also do not want to use powders and such.  My kids hug and love on the dogs a lot, and I do not want them accidentally ingesting that poison.  So what is a girl to do to keep fleas and ticks at bay and kill any ones that are around?

     Lemons.  Yes, lemons!  You can peel a lemon, and then boil that peel in 2-3 cups of water.  When the water has cooled take a sponge and blot the lemon water on the animals fur.  It will kill fleas and ticks that are there and repel ones that are trying to hitch a ride. 

     Now, I cannot take credit for this gem.  It comes from one of our best self-proclaimed science geeks.  The one and the only Bill Nye the Science Guy!   You know he is the coolest science geek out there!

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Leaning on God,


WFMW- rinsing, really!

     I can’t believe WFMW is changing.  At first I was just uncomfortable as I started reading Shannon’s post, but ya know what?   I think this will be good for WFMW and for Shannon.  I am looking forward to  continuing with Kristen.  I hope she keeps the WFMW  backwards.  I have a few things I need help with!!

     Onto my tip for the week.  It is another simple one.  You have probably already thought of it, but I am going to share it anyway.  Just leave me a comment telling me that you are proud I finally figured it out on my own!  🙂

     We are a cloth diaper family.  I recently changed the way that I wash my diapers, and it has made a huge difference!  Really.

     When I put a load in the washer I no longer just start it washing.  I put it on a rinse and spin cycle first.  After the diapers have been rinsed out I then wash them.  The diapers are bright white, smell great, and are really clean.  Yay!!!   Love it. 

     PS- I am also doing this for my husband’s work pants.  The jobsite is often muddy and very dirty.  By rinsing off the dirt I am able to wash his pants in clean water rather than water that is full of mud. 

     Simple, I know, but it works for me! 

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     Hey wait!   Take a moment to pop over and enter in a Giveaway to win some absolutely fantastic Bella Bottoms cloth diapers. 

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WFMW- Getting the lead, errr, iron out

     People in the grocery store can some of the most helpful people … in the right situaltions.  😉 .     LOL   When you are walking down the detergent aisle complaining whining conversing with a friend about the red clay here in the south and what it does to hubby’s work socks, a perfect stranger may suggest a product that actually gets all of the orange/ red out of your white clothing.  That is a person you want to find again and hug!


     The product?  Iron Out.  Seriously.  I washed a load of whites the week before and bleached them with clorox.  Socks were still orange/ red and the whites were not white.   I brought home my little bottle of Iron Out with high hopes.  I  rewashed the load with the iron out and let it set 30 minutes to soak.  What a huge difference.  It actually got all of the red and orange stains out.  I added a short wash (after the iron out wash was done) with only a small amount of bleach and the whites were practically glowing!  This stuff is amazing!   I even used it in the tank of my toilet and got all of the iron stains out.  Love this stuff.  8) 


     So, if you have problem with dingy whites, clay stains, grass stains, or practically any stains on your whites, try some Iron Out. 


     PS- thank you to lady in Kroger who told me about it.  My hubby’s socks are forever in your debt!


God bless,


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