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WFMW- killing boredom

Shannon has given us the task of combating boredom.

My children have learned not to tell me, “I’m bored”.   There is always something to do.  Dusting, folding laundry, wiping the counters, sweeping, pulling weeds, making smaller rocks out of bigger rocks with a sewing needle…- I am just kidding on that last one.  🙂  LOL 

But, there are other things we do that the kids (and Mr. Muscles and I) really enjoy:

1.  Play doh.  You can make your own and create whole worlds

2.  Painting.  By taking the painting outside it really helps keep down the mess.  The kids get inspired by what they see and get creative.

3.  State parks.  Most of the State Parks are free to go to.  Once there you can hike, identify different flora and fauna and meriweather.  Opps- ixnay the meriweather.  🙂  You can print nature scavenger hunt lists off of the computer and then go on a scavenger hunt while there. 

4.  Making beads and figures from modeling clay.  You can let it air dry then paint them.  The beads can be made into jewelry while the figurines can be played with.

5.  Take a trip to a local farm and learn more about what they do there.

6.  Spend some time at the library.   Our library has a summer reading program our kids look forward to participating in.

7.  Put up a tent in the backyard.  The kids play in there for hours!

Those are just a few of the things that we do. 

What do you do with your kids to chase off boredom?

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