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WFMW- Poster ironing.

Really!  🙂

     As homeschoolers we have a LOT of posters.  We do not have any where near enough wall space for all of the posters so I have to change them out from time to time.

     Some of the posters that are stored a little wrinkled and crinkled which makes the hard to hang back on the wall.  They also don’t look so great.

     To help flatten then back out you can iron them!  Put the iron on a medium setting and iron through a hand towel. 

     When I find a particularly tough wrinkle I will give a little shot of steam.  The towel protects the poster.  Does the poster look just like it did brand new?  No.  But it does look a whole lot better and it will hang flat against the wall again.

     Happy ironing!

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