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Scripture Stickies ~A Review and Giveaway~


As a mom who has been educating her kids around the dining room table for more than 12 years now, I have learned the value of teaching through constant small reminders.  Some time ago, I began using the little sticky note method to help them learn different subjects and concepts easier.

I have found great success in being able to teach foreign language, spelling, and vocabulary using sticky notes that I write either the word, definition, or translation on the sticky note and put them around the house.  Constantly seeing the little lessons throughout the day helps our children to remember and really learn each lesson.

When Scripture Stickies, who follows that same concept by putting verses on little sticky notes that you then place throughout the house, asked me to review their product, I knew they would be a huge blessing for our family.

What a great idea!  Every time the kids see one of the Scripture Stickies, not only is it encouraging to their hearts, but it helps them to learn and memorize God’s word.  It is wonderful to hear the kids quoting the scriptures that are on the Scripture Stickies.

I have experienced numerous times when the first scripture that I read in the morning ends up being a theme for my whole day or God uses it as an encouraging word that I need during a difficult moment.

With so many girls in the house, the first place that I put the stickies was around the bathroom mirrors.  Those are the most often read and remembered Scripture Stickies of all of them!  *grin*

They are also in the kitchen, by the front and back doors, and on the door to the pantry.  Where else would you put them when you have teenagers?!

Scripture Stickies make a great gift, and they are a wonderful way of encouraging and sharing the word of God with someone who needs it!  They even have a Scripture of the Month Club that blesses you with a new pack of Scripture Stickies each month all year long.  (Also an awesome gift idea!!)

Enter in to win your own set of Scripture Stickies to keep or share!

How?  You know I like to make this easy!

Initial Entry:

Additional Entries:

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  • You must do the initial entry before you can earn additional entries.
  • Some additional entries can be done once each day for the length of the giveaway.
  • Winner will be chosen via
  • Winner will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen
  • Giveaway closes Monday (Dec 16th) at midnight (12 am CST)

Thank you for entering this giveaway and helping out a small business!

All for God’s glory,


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Knock, knock. Is this thing on?

I know it has been a little bit quiet here on the ole blog.  *ahem*

Okay, it has been far too quiet as life got incredibly loud.  Not loud in a bad way, but the kind of loud that has you falling in to bed at night exhausted but smiling.

This family is already loud all on its own, but that is another post for another time.  *grin*

So what’s coming down the pipe?  I am so glad you want to know!

There are posts about field trips, family adventures, big decisions, little blessings, and some giveaways.  Seriously, you are about to be “avalanched” with giveaways.

While I greatly enjoy being able to bless my readers with fantastic products, the best part about doing the review and giveaways is that you and I are promoting and supporting small businesses.  We are getting the word out about a product and a business that will bless a family and allow them to have a better life.  We are supporting a mom who is working from home  while managing a home or a dad who is trying to provide more for his children’s future.

We can be a blessing to those small businesses while blessing our own family and friends with wonderful gifts.

Stay tuned!  The first giveaway begins tomorrow!

All for the glory of God,


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In the homeschool classroom- scavenger hunt!

Our family’s favorite classroom:  God’s great big world!

Today we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and headed outside with our science.  The scavenger hunt assignment in Hannah’s (10) Exploring Creation with Zoology 1:  Flying Creatures by Apologia was the perfect activity.  I had Emily Grace (13) join in.  It really accents her science studies, Botany by Apologia.

First find:  a huge bird’s nest.  Now, normally we would not collect a bird’s nest, but this one was in one of my feed buckets that is stored with our tools and equipment used on our homestead.

We took our little adventure down to the pond.  We passed a gnarly looking tree that offered up one of the other items on the list, a hole in the trunk of a tree.  As you can see, Emily Grace was fully prepared for any surprise attacks from whatever could be lurking in there.  I was so tempted to scream and run just to freak her out.  I didn’t.  This time.

Another item on the list was to find a bird, other than a duck or goose, around the water.  What did we find?  Our chickens.  That works!  Often we will find cranes, but there were none today.

How cool is this prickly looking caterpillar?!  Another item marked off the list!

We spent about half an hour trekking around our property to find everything that we could.  We will continue the hunt after the sun has retired for the day, so that we may have the opportunity to spot a few other items on the list, like bats.  🙂

Being a part of their education is far more than book work.  It is also the joy of getting them out and encouraging them to be hands-on.  Listening to their conversations and bad jokes while on the scavenger hunt was all gravy!

Next up on the science front: bird watching 101.

What is happening in your classroom?

All for God’s glory,


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Around the Homestead

I enjoy the chores around our little homestead far too much to label them as “work”!  Feeding and watering the animals, watering and checking on the gardens, and walking our property to make sure that everything is in order is a perfect opportunity to talk with God and soak up His creation.

Some mornings I have a helper or two.

This morning Susannah (6) helped to put fresh hay in the nesting box and check for eggs.

Our chickens free-range during the day and are doing a great job of keeping the bugs down.  They are constantly scratching and pecking throughout the yard and woods.

Our youngest chickens are now beginning to lay eggs.  Can you spot the egg from one of the “new” girls?  *grin*

Unfortunately we had to move the geese up from the pond and into the goat yard.  They kept wandering off of our property and onto our neighbor’s porch where they kept making a mess.  Once we finish the fencing in the final side, they will get to move back to the pond.

All of the gardens are in bloom again.  With fall quickly approaching, everything seems to be trying to send off summer in style!

Just thought I would share my newest garden decorations.  A fantastic buy at Hobby Lobby for 80% off.  I spent only $4.50 for both of them.  Booyah!

While we feed most of the horned tomato worms to the chickens, we do allow the ones covered in wasp eggs to stay on the plants.  They don’t eat the plant and the wasps that hatch out hunt these kinds of pests.

Susannah is a huge help and distracts the goats with a little hay while I get their feed in their dish.  If they are anywhere near their feeding dish while I am trying to fill it, I can’t get to it and end up pouring the feed on their heads.  Silly goats!

Score one for the frugal homesteader in me.  I made this hay rack from left over fencing.   Mark’s Kleins and about fifteen minutes and the girls had a new rack to keep the hay clean and easily accessible for nibbling.

My next homestead projects:  clean out the chicken house and put down a fresh layer of hay,  build a double compost bin with pallets, and move the goose house up from the pond to the goat yard.

What’s happening around your home?  Any new outside projects?

All for God’s glory,


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The Almost Overwhelming Urge to Purge and Organize

Recently, I have been overcome with an almost overwhelming urge to purge. I am not talking about that moment when you are stepping over the toys in your living room and you think to yourself, I have got to get rid of a few of these trip hazards.
I am referring to that feeling where you have to control yourself so that you do not end up tossing everything from the house into the back of the truck to go donate.
It is not that the kids have huge amounts of toys or that every room in our house is filled with toys. This desire to purge isn’t even about the toys. It is about everything. It is about boxes of home decor I will never use. It is about books I have no interest in reading (we are not taking about my favorites!). It is about the clothes I know full well I cannot stand and will never wear. It is about kitchen items that do not get used even once a year.

While I would love to simplify the cleaning process and make maintaining that organized kind of clean even easier, there are certain aspects to my life that hinder my ability to purge to that degree.  *wink*

We have chosen to educate our brood at home. There is no way I am getting rid of curriculum with a line of children who will be moving up and using it. In the past year I have donated about half of the curriculum that once filled boxes and tubs. I had to make some hard decisions about what I do or will really use.

We have a large family that ranges from toddlers to teens. Having toys, games, art supplies, and activities for that variety of people does not take up a small amount of space!

We are a homesteading family. There are things that we need and use on a daily basis that are necessary for taking care of our animals, managing our property, and planting and growing large gardens of fruits and vegetables.

I am a soaper.  Specifically, I am a handcrafted goat milk soaper!  I buy my supplies in bulk quantities and I make large batches of soap.  There is always soap in some part of the creating/ drying/ labeling process.

So, what is a girl to do?  Purge AND organize with a plan and a very helpful Hubs!!   Hubs and I have broken each one of these areas (and more) down into a list of “needs”, “wants”, and “donates”.  As we tackle,  we look at the items in front of us and decide which category it goes in.   Once the purge has been completed, it is then time to organize.

That is where I am at now.  Organizing.  It is my favorite part, but it also seems to be the most expensive.  Going to the store to check out their organizing section when you have a huge list of organizing ideas is like going to the grocery store hungry.  It is so hard to control myself!!   To make matters worse, I have been searching Pinterest.  That place feeds my project and organizing addictions!  Good gracious.

So, that is where I am.  Trying to make decisions, come up with ingenious ways to organize materials, and make everything streamlined and hidden.  This would be so much easier with three or four more of me to tackle this list, oh, and winning a shopping spree to a container store would be nice, too!

How about you?  What area would you like to be able to purge and organize to perfection?

All for the glory of God,


Saving Money Without The Crazy

If you follow me on Facebook, then you know about my recent introduction to the tv show Extreme Couponing.

I am intrigued and fascinated by the dedication these people have to amassing great quantities of grocery store items and imitating said grocery stores inside of their own homes.  Shelves and shelves, rows and rows, and looming towers of toiletries, drinks, and boxed goods take up whole rooms!

While I would never buy most of what they hoard, some of the items have my frugal side perking up and taking notice.  Getting toilet paper, paper towels, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, ponytail holders, cottonballs, cottonswabs, and floss for little money or free is definitely something I am interested in!

After gorging on 8 episodes (thank you, Netflix!) in a row, I have been inspired to try the whole couponing thing again.  Will you see me with binders and boxes of coupons?  No.  Will I be dedicating 20 to 30 hours a week to couponing?  No.  I have a goal of saving money without the crazy, obsessive, diving-into dumpsters, and stealing peoples’ papers side of couponing.  *grin*

I challenged myself to saving just $15.00 per week.  That would be a savings of $780.00 per year.  Any money saved about that $15.00 per week is all gravy, my friends.

How did my first week go?  I saved $26.00!  Booyah!

Coupons and I, we hit it off quite nicely.

So, how did this healthy-eating family save money?  Let me share my oh-so-short, yet fun, jaunt into coupons so far.

Costco is my weekly grocery store.  By simply planning this week’s meals and food stock-ups based on the coupons they are offering this month, I saved $7.00.  That was easy!

Next, I focused on another store we use frequently, Earth Fare.  They offer coupons, put out a weekly specials flyer, and have a point rewards card for shopping there.  Just for signing up, I received an organic whole fryer chicken for free.  I also was able to grab up an Irish cheese they were offering free this week.  Their coupon book had coupons for a couple of items we needed for this week’s menu, and a little perusing on the internet afforded me a couple of manufacturer’s coupons as well.  Total saved at Earth Fare, $18.00!

While $26.00 may not seem like a lot to some, it is a great step forward and an encouragement to me.  Just a little preplanning and checking the internet for sales and coupons to the stores I frequent, and I can save a little cash.  That little cash adds up to big cash!

My minimum per week is still $15.00, but I am a person who loves a good challenge, so you know full well that I will be looking to beat $26.00 next week.  *wink*

Do you coupon?  Are you a healthy-eating family who coupons?  How is it working out for you?  Any tips to help me reach my challenge goal this week?

God bless,


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Setting goals on a Monday

Oooo, how’s that for a catchy title?


There is so much I would like to get done this week.  I am not sure how much of it is actually going to get accomplished, so I thought I would write down a list of goals for this week that I really, really want to have happen.  If I write it down, it gives a sense accountability.  Right?

  • Menu plan and grocery shop.  I have to fit this in before the Booster Club meeting at Ms. Firecracker’s (11) gym today.
  • Take several boxes in to donate.
  • Drop off some dresses at a consignment shop.
  • Write a letter to my Grandma.  I have been very neglect in this area.  Bad granddaughter, bad.  I really do feel badly.  I enjoy writing to her and receiving letters.
  • Design, bake, and decorate Ms. Giggles (4) birthday cake for her 5th birthday party this weekend.
  • Finish Ms. Giggles name sign in time for her birthday. Oy!
  • Field trip!
  • Make two batches of soap.
  • Get the next installment of my gardening series written.  Part 1.  Part 2.

This list does not include the “gimme’s”:  umpteen loads of laundry, cleaning, organizing, homeschooling, running normal errands, and the like.

What’s demanding your attention this week?  Anything fantastically interesting or earth-shattering, or is it all more like my list?  *grin*

All for God’s glory,


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