The Almost Overwhelming Urge to Purge and Organize

Recently, I have been overcome with an almost overwhelming urge to purge. I am not talking about that moment when you are stepping over the toys in your living room and you think to yourself, I have got to get rid of a few of these trip hazards.
I am referring to that feeling where you have to control yourself so that you do not end up tossing everything from the house into the back of the truck to go donate.
It is not that the kids have huge amounts of toys or that every room in our house is filled with toys. This desire to purge isn’t even about the toys. It is about everything. It is about boxes of home decor I will never use. It is about books I have no interest in reading (we are not taking about my favorites!). It is about the clothes I know full well I cannot stand and will never wear. It is about kitchen items that do not get used even once a year.

While I would love to simplify the cleaning process and make maintaining that organized kind of clean even easier, there are certain aspects to my life that hinder my ability to purge to that degree.  *wink*

We have chosen to educate our brood at home. There is no way I am getting rid of curriculum with a line of children who will be moving up and using it. In the past year I have donated about half of the curriculum that once filled boxes and tubs. I had to make some hard decisions about what I do or will really use.

We have a large family that ranges from toddlers to teens. Having toys, games, art supplies, and activities for that variety of people does not take up a small amount of space!

We are a homesteading family. There are things that we need and use on a daily basis that are necessary for taking care of our animals, managing our property, and planting and growing large gardens of fruits and vegetables.

I am a soaper.  Specifically, I am a handcrafted goat milk soaper!  I buy my supplies in bulk quantities and I make large batches of soap.  There is always soap in some part of the creating/ drying/ labeling process.

So, what is a girl to do?  Purge AND organize with a plan and a very helpful Hubs!!   Hubs and I have broken each one of these areas (and more) down into a list of “needs”, “wants”, and “donates”.  As we tackle,  we look at the items in front of us and decide which category it goes in.   Once the purge has been completed, it is then time to organize.

That is where I am at now.  Organizing.  It is my favorite part, but it also seems to be the most expensive.  Going to the store to check out their organizing section when you have a huge list of organizing ideas is like going to the grocery store hungry.  It is so hard to control myself!!   To make matters worse, I have been searching Pinterest.  That place feeds my project and organizing addictions!  Good gracious.

So, that is where I am.  Trying to make decisions, come up with ingenious ways to organize materials, and make everything streamlined and hidden.  This would be so much easier with three or four more of me to tackle this list, oh, and winning a shopping spree to a container store would be nice, too!

How about you?  What area would you like to be able to purge and organize to perfection?

All for the glory of God,



4 responses to “The Almost Overwhelming Urge to Purge and Organize

  1. I’ve got to do the boys’ room closet! I’m going to try to knock that out today. I did the girls’ room this past weekend. The back of the van already has things packed to donate. As far as bins….check out the dollar stores, too, sometimes they have great stuff that you can work with. We also do lots of hanging nails in the walls and plastic shelving from walmart. The pvc plastic shelving with the tubes are the easiest to reconstruct and reuse when moving from room to another room. They’re also light and can be used as tables in the kids’ bedrooms. They’re very durable, meant for garages and basements. They’re not gorgeous, but I’m sure with pinterest, you could find a way to decorate them for girls’ décor. The boys like the industrial look of them under their toys, Legos, and books.

    • My biggest organization dream is to get everything behind doors and organized. I am tired of seeing everything!!! I will check out the dollar store for small items organizing. Sounds like an inexpensive way to get all of the little things separated and put away!

  2. We’re working on books…too many in a small house with several ages of children makes for the need to rotate them regularly…what a chore! There’s also my “fabric collection”…so hard to part with any of it, yet I know I will never use it all! I’m really working on simplifying in every area…there is just not enough time to do everything I would like to do, nor do I think that the Lord really wants me to do everything! As for Pinterest, I do not even go there…I figure that I have enough projects and ideas planned in my own head that I do not need more to clutter up my brain and overwhelm me!

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