The Morning Costco Crowd

Costco, being our family grocery store, is a weekly trip that usually happens on Saturday morning or a weekday evening.

Our gymnast’s summer training schedule offered a perfect opportunity to hit Costco on a weekday morning before it fills up with families stocking up on bulk items and business people grabbing office supplies.

HA!  I just thought it would be a quiet stroll around the store with only a handful of people here and there.

We arrived around 9:43 am but found the doors to still be closed and the parking lot almost empty.  I did not realize that Costco didn’t open until 10 am.  No biggie.  Renee (16) and I decided to hang around, play a little Candy Crush, and wait until the doors opened.

At 5 minutes till, we decided to walk to the front and wait until the store opened.   As we walked I noticed that the parking lot had quite a few more cars than before my little game of Candy Crush.  {I believe I had been bemoaning the evil of chocolate in games.}

It would appear that our walk to the doors was the signal for the races to begin.  Every minute had more people driving into the parking lot and congregating around the entrance.

This crowd was no ordinary crowd.  They were all retirees.  Think retirees are harmless?  Try getting between them and the front door to the store they are looking to enter.

With every tick of the second hand, the crowd grew and pressed forward.  Their hands gripped their buggies, and with Costco cards at the ready, the chitter chatter died down.

When we could hear activity on the inside of the giant rolling door, they began to push forward harder.  Many of them were just a fraction of an inch from the heels of the person standing in front them.  The buggies were lined up like the Roman legions ready for battle.

Those who were driving their scooters were particular interesting.  They would rev to the best of their ability and drive forward parting people whether they wanted to be parted or not!

As the door started to slowly rise, several old ladies began to bend at the knees and waist to dash in before the door was all the way open.  It did not even clear the chest of the Costco worker before they all began pouring inside.

By this time Renee and I were standing on the edge of the pillars to save our toes and elbows.  The sea of white hair was all around us and jockeying for position.

It was at this time a particular gentleman smiled up at me and said, “I think it is safe to come down.”  I smiled back and asked, “Are you sure the crowd has thinned enough?”  He just laughed and pushed his buggie inside.

Once in the store everyone seemed to slow down to the normal pace of retirees enjoying a morning out.  The smiles returned and the chatter was back and lively. Gone were the tight-lipped faces filled with concentration.  No more were people looking to run down someone who was trying to cut them off from entering the 15 foot wide door.

While I found the whole experience to be quite entertaining, my sixteen year old declared that she didn’t realize that old people could be so aggressive.

I think I will plan another morning trip to Costco just to enjoy the show!

All for God’s glory,


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