Little Man Is Charging Through

I am not sure which is barreling forward faster, Israel (2) or the speed at which he is growing up.

It may be the fact that he is a whirlwind of a little man who runs at top speed every second he is awake, or it may be that he is last of the children that will be born to us.  I am not sure.

Whatever the reason, our little man is doing both, growing up and being an energetic whirlwind, as quickly as he can.

We have already made it to the coming of age for toddlerhood…potty training.  It has been 12 long years since I have had to potty train a little man, and oh my, it is nothing like riding a bicycle!  I feel as though I am a newbie!

Knowing that he is the last of our babies has made such an impact on me.  I am not longing for more, rather I am even more intent on absorbing each moment of Israel and his older siblings growing up.

Watching them play a game, explore the woods, romp through the yard, attempt new things, discover little hidden treasures:  each and all of these are far better than anything on tv or the computer.

Viewing the world through their eyes is more interesting and fresh than the grown-up view of the world can be.  My children remind me to be inquisitive, to enjoy the beauty of simple things, to be amazed by God’s creation, and to get out and get dirty.

This little man has added the perfect exclamation point to our family.

We have truly been blessed eight times over!

What age is your youngest at the moment?

All for the glory of God,


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6 responses to “Little Man Is Charging Through

  1. My baby will be 19 in less than one month. I savored nearly every moment that I could in all 5 1/2 lives. 🙂 I spent time in their activities, their education, their explorations, their fears and their ‘failures’. None of the time I spent was wasted or regretted. (Though I did and do enjoy my retreats to the make believe world of television!) I am so glad you are taking the time to enjoy them. So many people warned me of how fast the time goes, but until you live it, you don’t realize how fast that is. Blessings.

    • So true! There is no way to fully express to a new parent, or a parent of young children, just how fast time will fly and be those moments will be gone. I am blessed to have so many wonderful mother mentors in my life who have kept me firmly grounded on being WITH my children and not just having them. Thank you, Laura, for being one of those moms!

  2. My youngest of 6 children is also 19 months. I don’t know if we’ll have any more. We’re being careful because both of the last 2 pregnancies were part-time bedrest. I also notice that our last child is so much gutsier and advanced physically than any of the other children at this same age. I don’t know if it’s because she has 5 older ones to mimic and to compete with or what. She climbed up the ladder to the tree house (which supposedly had been built “baby-proof”…meaning the rungs were extremely far apart), and before I could race to her side, tumbled sideways off of the second to last rung (3rd one up)! She was up off the ground before I got there…and I was only several feet away, racing to her side. The more children we have, the more love is passed around, and baby Fiona certainly glows with the warmth.

  3. Our baby (of 6) is 5. We are a bit lost w/o the routine of having another one, but age becomes a factor, lol. Our youngest is definitely the most daring one of all. He is a handful and I wouldn’t have him any other way.

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