Apologia Biology

We discovered the wonderful science curriculum published by Apologia several years ago.

I have shared pictures and posts of our experiments, projects, and lessons from Astronomy, Zoology (Flying Creatures), Botany, Physical Science, and General Science.

Apologia really brought it all to life and made learning about science fun for our kids, so when they contacted me about reviewing Biology, I jumped at the chance.

Our oldest, Renee (16), was the student who was blessed to be the first to use this book.   While she had a great appreciation for using a brand new book, she was not looking forward to Biology and expressed her displeasure on a pretty regular basis.

I am going to lay out this review in two ways.  First, I will share Renee’s point of view through our interview, then I will give you some of my opinions.

Interview With Renee

Me:  What was your first impression of Exploring Creation with Biology?

Renee:  It looked like it would be interesting, but I was still not sure about a lot of the gross things in Biology.

Me:  How well were the lessons laid out?

Renee:  Really well.  They weren’t too big and had a lot of illustrations and examples to go with each subject.   Some lessons built on each other, while others were independent.  It kept everything from running together.

Me:  Favorites?

Renee:  I enjoyed the little stories here and there that shared interesting experiences that highlighted the lesson.  I loved that I could do the dissections online.  The projects were a lot of fun.  My favorite was creating my own biological classifications.

Me:  What did you think of the experiments?

Renee:  They were interesting, and I liked how they showed the experiments and a lot of examples on the disc to compare to what I was doing.  They were also not too long and involved.

Me:  Overall impression?

Renee:   Cool, not gross like I expected.

Me:  Is there anything that you would change or suggest to make it better?  (I gave her 24 hours to really think about this one)

Renee:  I can’t think of anything.

Me:  If you were talking to another high school student, what would you say about Apologia Biology?

Renee:  I would tell them that it is a great Biology to fulfill their high school science needs with.  It is more than just a bunch of dry facts.  There is a lot of detail, interesting projects, and the lessons are not too long each.


Mom’s opinion.

I have long had a great appreciation for the way Apologia lays out their lessons, their Bible-based approach, and the diversity and choices for projects and experiments.  There is a great lesson timeline that can be easily adjusted to your needs and schedule.

Almost every “ingredient” needed for the projects and experiments we had around the house.  There were only a handful of things that I had to purchase, and they were not expensive.

While we accomplished all of Renee’s dissections online, they do offer a full kit with everything you need.  We will be purchasing this for the rest of the kids.  They want to dissect!

There are also slides and a microscope available.  Unfortunately, we had to depend on the internet and the disc that goes with this curriculum to see all of the slide info.   Our microscope broke and I have not yet been able to replace it.  This goes to show that it is not imperative, but being able to use the microscope and check things out for yourself does do a lot to bring the lesson to life.  A new microscope is high on my list of homeschooling items to purchase!

The teacher’s manual (Solutions and Tests book) is full of valuable information for keeping the parent/ teacher up to speed and fully informed.  There are online resources and support for everything in these books.  Love!

Does it seem like I am gushing a bit?  I am!  Over the past 12 years of educating my children at home I have tried many different science curriculum, but Apologia has withstood the test and rigors of our family’s needs and standards.  I have yet to be dissappointed in any book from Apologia I have used.

JUST SO YOU KNOW:  In exchange for a full and honest review I received the Exploring Creation with Biology including, the student book, the solutions book, the test manual, and the computer disc.  My positive review is from our experiences while using this curriculum!  If I didn’t like, I would let you know.

Have any questions for me?  For Renee?  Ask away and we will answer!

All for the glory of God,


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8 responses to “Apologia Biology

  1. Thank you for this review! You know we LOVE LOVE LOVE Apologia, and have only done Astronomy so far 🙂 We will never do another curriculum. We are onto Anatomy this year with the kiddos. It’s good to know what the High School level books will be like. Micaela will be doing it next year.

  2. Thanks for the review! I’m looking into this curriculum for next year (2014). It’s good to get these kind of answers about it from a trusted source. Blessings!

  3. We love Apologia. We have used their elementary and middle school science and the kids have really enjoyed it. Plus, it is easy for me to teach! I love how everything is so easy to follow so they kids can work independently also.

  4. Great review! We will be homeschooling for the first time this year (2nd and K) and starting with the Apologia Botany course. We’re also very excited about the Astronomy course next year. The botany course looks pretty good and it’s so nice to know that the whole series are equally as impressive!

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