Reclaiming An Old Frame

I am nearing the finish line on an incredibly frugal master bedroom and bathroom makeover.

My inspiration for the “British Isles/ British Colonial” design is a painting that has been hanging naked on my wall for years.  Yes, NAKED!

I have long intended on getting a frame to display my beautiful painting with the distinction it deserves, but a proper canvas frame is out of my extremely limited budget.  The best price I could find was $50.00 at Hobby Lobby.  I don’t have $50.00 to spend on a frame, so that means it is time for creativity!

Why not purchase a DIY empty frame?  This painting was created by a Haitian artist who crafted and nailed the canvas herself.  It is not of standard size.    Not to mention, all of the DIY empty frames I could find are for pictures, not canvases.  Sigh.

Over the past few weeks Hubs has been cleaning out and organizing our upstairs space.  During the overhaul he found an old frame and put it to the side to throw away.  While “shopping” upstairs for something to make a frame out of, I spotted it.  It is a true canvas frame!  SCORE a free frame!

While the length was near perfect, the width was far too wide.  I removed one side of the frame carefully.

I set the removed side in the appropriate position and used a marker to draw my cut lines.  I used a battery-powered skill saw to cut along the line I made.

Next, I predrilled and inserted 1 1/2 ” wood screws to put the frame back together.  I did this at all four corners to strengthen the frame.

Then, I attached to frame hangers at the top of the frame and inserted small screws on either side the painting to hold it in place.

The final step was to hang my beautiful painting on the wall and display it properly.  A good wiping and oiling brought the frame back to its warm and lovely dark wood glory.

Want to see what my frugal master bedroom and bathroom makeover looks like? I will be posting before and after pictures next week!

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2 responses to “Reclaiming An Old Frame

  1. Beautiful idea Rhen! Wonderful picture and I love how you re-sized the frame!

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