View From My Porch (Link Up)

It is time for this week’s View From My Porch link up!

As you meander through our yard, perusing the gardens, taking the time to notice all of my garden decor tucked in little nooks waiting to be discovered, or watching as the chickens scratch and peck the forest floor, you will feel eyes following you as you go.

Okay, it really isn’t creepy.  It more whimsical.  *grin*

I have enhanced the characters of different trees with faces!

I would like to introduce you to them.



The Dentist

Teddy R.

You can spot each of these four characters from different vantage points on our porch.

I particularly enjoy watching as visiting children happen upon the trees and realize the faces are there.  It then becomes a game to find the others.

A great way of attaching faces like these without damaging the trees is through plant holders that are cemented on.  You can find them at your local gardening store.  They are used to train vines, but they work perfectly to attach decorations to trees without hammering anything in to them.

PS-  The sweeties  shared with you last week have flown the nest!


This is a super simple link up that has a wide range of topics to write and share about.  The only guideline is that whatever you are writing about should be on, around, inspired by, or can be viewed from your porch.  It can be the beautiful people who use your porch to enter your home, your seasonal decorations, sunrises, the latest projects you are crafting on your porch,  inspiring views, or anything else that you want to bless us with!

So, what is the “view from your porch”?

Link up and share!

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