Wandering Sights ~Country Roads~

Whenever Mark and I load up the kids and head off to visit the grandparents, we prefer to take the back roads.

The drive is beautiful as we choose the roads less traveled through country communities.  A brilliant blue sky is the perfect backdrop for all of the views we are blessed with.

Traveling and bumping along the inviting, tree-lined, winding roads relaxes you.  Your shoulders start to drop a bit.  The muscles in your neck let go of the tension.  Your mind just takes in the rolling hills, bright green trees, and family farms.  Rolling down the windows and letting the breeze flow is an essential part of enjoying the drive and letting go of stress.

Little homesteads with their chickens milling about the yard offer delicious fresh eggs.

Little country churches are one of my favorite sights to photograph.  They just ooze history and the personality of the people who attend there.

Around almost every bend you come upon lovely gardens.  These are a way of life and a great resource here in the country.  Often you will find an honor produce stand next to the garden.  The bounty is laid out and waiting to taken home and enjoyed.

How often do you leave behind the traffic and the noise and just enjoy a drive through the country?

All for the glory of God,


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2 responses to “Wandering Sights ~Country Roads~

  1. Thank you for posting photos and allowing me to join you on your wander down country roads. This was beautiful. The church … oh my! It’s so *gorgeous* 🙂

    So lovely. I really feel I’ve been ‘out and about’ 🙂

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