Shhhh, don’t tell the kids

Let’s say you and Hubs took a little break and enjoyed a nice evening out on a date.  While on that date, you went to see a movie.  Not just any movie, but one that the kids have been whining bugging gently pleading to see.  Would you tell them?


Nope!  Well, at least we have not yet.

After some absolutely yummy Chinese food, we headed over to check out Monsters University.  Oh.  My.  Word.  It was great!  That is a movie we will be purchasing and creating a family movie night with once it comes out on DVD.

Even Mark enjoyed it.  The man doesn’t get all warm and fuzzy about animated movies, but this one actually got a smile and a few laughs!  That is huge, people!

I loved the story line.  They surprised me with the direction of Mike and Sully’s characters and relationship when they were younger.  They included hints and bits of many of the characters from Monster’s, Inc., while a couple of them had pretty major roles.  Stay tuned at the end of the movie for the photos  during the credits.  They are hilarious!

I am not going to tell you any more just in case you haven’t seen it.  I don’t want to give too much away.

Overall, two thumbs up and very funny!  I am looking forward to watching the kids enjoy the movie when we get to create our own movie night.

So, am I going to tell them?  They haven’t asked, and I probably won’t open that can of worms if I don’t have to!  I would much rather surprise them with the movie.

Have you seen it yet?

All for the glory of God,


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