Wandering Sights ~Country Friend~

I love driving the back roads here in the deep south.  You have no idea what will be around the next bend.

My favorite sights are the gorgeous old southern homes with their inviting porches, wide shutters, and ancient sprawling trees encircling them.

There are huge expanses of cotton fields, rolling hills with ponds nestled in them and cattle grazing happily, and sometimes you come around a corner and see a celebrity.



Isn’t this fantastic!  I would love to drive around in this fabulous vehicular creation.  Let me grab my boots, my cowboy hat, a mason jar of sweet tea, and off we will go.

We can back up to one of those picturesque ponds, spread out a blanket on the flat-bed, and have a picnic.

It would also be perfect for star-gazing.  A few snacks, some cold drinks, a comfy blanket, and the spectacular show our Creator puts on every night.    Sigh.

With me?  *grin*

All for God’s glory,


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4 responses to “Wandering Sights ~Country Friend~

  1. I Love Mater! I miss those awesome back road finds… someday, I will be back to where I can find them again.

  2. Riding through these roads would be a dream for me. I love driving anyway, but driving through these roads….? That would be amazing!

    I *love* the Mater truck! Now I’d love you to post a load of photos from your ‘roads less travelled’ journeys.

    Go on – take me on a virtual holiday 😉

    • I have written a couple of Wandering Sights posts. I plan continuing this series for as long as I find inspiration, and with all of the back roads there are in the deep south of the US, it will be a long-running series! 🙂

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