The most time-consuming bathroom redo I have ever done

I love my grandma, but I have no interest in having a bathroom that is styled after the well-known “a-grandmother’s-love-of-big-flowers” design.

The kids were not fans of the outdated bathroom either.  Time for a fun and fantastic bathroom redo!

Here are a few “before” shots:

View from the main entry door.

Looking toward a second entry door.

Looking toward the main entry door.

I decided to go with an ocean theme for the kids’ bathroom.  They love going to the beach, it would allow me to insert a lot of color, and it fits with all of the water they are constantly splashing on to the floor.

Here are the after pictures:

View from the bathroom’s main entrance.

View towards the second entrance door.

All of the outlet and switch plates were detailed to match the bathroom.

View of the mirror.

Here is a closeup of the mirror’s detail.

To get the ombre paint effect, aka:  color fading from a darker shade to a lighter shade, I did a bit of research on how artists achieve this in their paintings, and then I replicated it on a larger scale.

To do this choose a paint chip from your local hardware/ paint store that has 3-4 colors on it.  My paint chip had four colors, and I chose the lightest three.  I then bought a pint of both the darkest and the second darkest of the three.  I bought a gallon of the lightest paint.

It is much easier to blend a darker paint color into a lighter paint color.  (Thank you artists I researched for that little gem)  I painted about 65% of the wall the lightest shade starting at the ceiling and working my way down.  Only do a block that is about three to four-foot wide.  You do not want your paint drying so quickly that you cannot work with it.

With the second darkest color, paint a section of wall that is about 2 foot wide just beneath the light color.  Using a sea sponge, blend the darker color into the lighter color.  Just work with it until you like what you see.

Next, paint the final bottom section, from the second darkest color to the baseboard, with the darkest color.  Blend this color into the color above it.  Again, work it until you are pleased with the results.  Continue working down the wall until the whole this is painted.

I wish I had taken pictures of the process, but I was so into what I was doing that I just didn’t think about it.

Did you notice that I did not paint any fish or underwater creatures on the wall?  I  was not interested in creating a mural in the bathroom, rather I was looking to create an underwater background.

I want all of the fish and the creatures to be their own works of art that create a 3D effect.  At the moment, we only have a few on the wall.  As I find different fish and such that strike my fancy and add to the over all ocean in the bathroom, they will be added to our collection!

A couple of the details are the outlet and switch covers and the mirror.

All of the outlet and switch covers are created using modge podge, colored sand, and a glossy spray sealer.  I layered modge podge and colored sand like this:  modge podge, sand, modge podge, sand, modge podge.  Once the modge podge had fully dried I coated it twice with the gloss spray sealant to protect the sand and make it wipe-able.

The final detail is the “frame” I created with glass stones.  I chose a darker color for the initial rows, a lighter color for the inside, and an almost clear to add a little “bubble” look to the very inside.  If you look at the closeup you can see the third almost clear stone.

I glued each one on using clear E-6000 glue.  It took about two weeks to get them all up there.  Once I got halfway up the sides and for the top, I used packing tape to hold the stones in place until the glue dried.  I am beyond thrilled with how it turned out.  The darker to lighter stones match the paint effect on the walls.  *grin*

Just in case you wanted to know, there are 329 large stones and 399 small stones.  No, I didn’t realize it was that many until after it was all done.

Once I have the details completed on the vanity, I will share that with you as well.

So, am I crazy for gluing that many glass stones?

All for the glory of God,


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  1. Color me duly impressed! I totally love it 😀

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