Feeling Like Home

When you move into a new house there are things you can do to make it feel like home.  Some of my favorites are:  hanging family pictures on the walls, organizing my closet, setting up the classroom (aka dining room) , and getting the kitchen up and running.

We don’t just set up a home; we set up a homestead.  That means that there are a few more I would like to include on my list:  building the chicken house, preparing and planting gardens, and fencing in the goat pens are some of them.  This weekend Mark and his helpers, the kids, finished putting up the one item that I consider  absolutely necessary to making a house a home and some land a homestead:  the clothesline!

Cleaning up the last bit of gravel and planting some grass seed will finish off the area the clothesline is in.

Hello significant savings on the power bill and lovely air-dried clothing!

Now, let me walk you around to a few other spots on our homestead that have helped to settle us in!

Let’s start with some of the gardens.  Seeing new squash appearing daily is fabulous!!  I can already taste the zucchini brownies.  Mmmm!

Squash Striata d’Italia from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

The tomato plants have really taken off over the past two weeks, and I am finding bunches of new blooms all promising juicy tomatoes!

I am ecstatic about our tomatoes and completely frustrated with the cucumbers. I have to replant cucumbers thanks to the squirrels!

My favorite morning chore is feeding the ducks and the chickens.  They know my voice and make quite a racket in anticipation of breakfast.

Ninja is on the left and Cheese is on the right.

Our beautiful boy, Ferdinand.

They are always curious to see if I brought them a treat.

My homesteading heart is happy to see sheets out drying in the sun, but here is much more work to do around our little homestead.

Up next on my list:  finish fencing in the goat pen.

Do you have a clothesline?

What are some of the things that helps make a new house feel like home to you?

All for God’s glory,


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3 responses to “Feeling Like Home

  1. Sadly my seeds her germinated but the seedlings are flagging.

  2. I am need to your blog. Do you rent or own. Sounds like you have moved before. We are considering renting, but I wonder how gardening and chickens would work out.

    • Thank you for stopping by!
      We rent, though we hope to buy this house, God willing. We have had chickens and planted gardens at rental houses. Make sure you have permission from your landlord! The easiest and most mobile chicken house is a chicken tractor. They are easy to build and can be moved if you moved.
      We have had gardens at almost every house we have lived in, both as owners and as renters. It is well worth the work to have fresh fruits and veggies. You are welcome to email me or contact me on Facebook if you have any other questions or need more details!

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