Progress in the Upper Garden- It’s Getting There!

It’s not easy building gardens from scratch or rebuilding ones that are in complete disrepair, but it’s well worth the time and effort!   One of our three raised beds is just to the side of the house and named The Upper Garden.

It started out with giant gardenia bushes taking up most of the front of the bed.  I trimmed those back pretty drastically, but it will help with the shock of transplant and make them healthier as they grow back.  It took a good bit of digging to get them out of the ground.  They are now planted along the side of the driveway and will help to create a living screen between our closest neighbors and ourselves.  They are wonderful people, but I am sure they will appreciate the addition of privacy as much as we will.

  Most of the landscaping timbers were rotten and in desperate need of replacing. The railing on the back of the bed is attached to a cinderblock wall.  There is a about a 12 foot drop to the patio that our basement opens up to.  This railing was a top priority to keep the kids safe!

Once the bushes were removed, the rotten wood torn away, and the railing completed, Mark and I began rebuilding the terraced garden with 2×6’s and 4×4 posts.

We worked compost, shredded leaves, soil, and other amendments into both tiers of the garden to give a healthy and living base for our plants.

An afternoon of companion planting research and I have decided that this bed is for tomatoes, cucumbers, summer squash, lavender, multiple herbs, carrots, and a few marigolds.

The bottom left of the bed has cucumber and squash seeds that I am eagerly awaiting the sprouting of.

I have lavender, basil, oregano, thyme, sage, and cilantro is planted around my fountain on the right of the bed.  The top tier is full of tomato plants, and is awaiting the carrots and marigolds I have yet to sow.

I have planted lavender to use in my soaps and around the house.  After many years of being stored in tubs, I am finally able to unpack my collection of frogs to decorate my gardens.  This fat toad is one of my favorites.

I am also working on a little pathway to access the water spigot as well as harvest the herbs that are now in this area.

I am short just a few bricks to finish this path.  I am thinking of planting something in the spaces.  Any recommendations?

Next up, getting my fountain flowing!  I find the splashing sounds of the water trickling over the sides to be very relaxing.   A seating area just to the right of this garden (up on the porch) is where you will find me most mornings.

Once the plants have started filling out, I will update with a picture.

How are your garden plans going?  If you have written about it, share the link in the comments!

God bless,



5 responses to “Progress in the Upper Garden- It’s Getting There!

  1. Beautiful! Looks like a LOT of hard work, but will be so worth it just as you said. 🙂 I love your fat toad too!

  2. Great job! I’m looking forward to seeing your garden completed and growing. I had heard that Creeping Thyme is tough and is great for planting between pavers. And it smells great when you walk over it too!

  3. I love to see folks’ gardens. We *may* be giving ours a miss this year – sadly we have clubroot in the soil, which is damaging for all the brassicas. I can’t imagine having herbs and tomatoes and peppers outside! We have to have all that in a greenhouse, and even our ‘hardy’ veg has always been protected by a 6 ft fence! Our winds – even in summer – destroys most things! Oh, and our butterflies have to be kept away too, so our ‘fencing’ is closed on top and becomes ‘a cage’ 🙂 . It does make it nice for me to work in though 🙂

    If we don’t plant our own veg this year, I will miss it so much. It’s been my therapy for the past few years 🙂 … as well as having the joy of seeing a tonne of home-grown veg feeding our family. Joy 🙂

    Will keep up with your growing. Happy planting!

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