A Never-Ending Parade of Tubs

Warm weather brings about far more than flowers, new leaves, and pollen.  It also drags me kicking and screaming into the dreaded task of changing out winter clothing for summer clothing and adjusting sizes for the children who have grown.  Ugh!

It all starts with what seems to be a never-ending parade of tubs being hauled into the living room.  Our family resembles a group of worker ants intent on hauling their loads.

Once our mountain of tubs has been built, it is time to begin the sorting process.  Some of the kids will need new sizes and warm weather clothing, while others will only need to switch out to warm weather items.  It only takes a few moments for my living room to look like a tornado has torn through the middle of it.

The middle girls enjoy this part of the job.  As I pull out items and determine if they are going to fit, the girls gladly model everything they can.  If clown colleges could see the show that commences and the outfits that are paired up, they would be taking notes.

My poor washer and dryer run almost constantly not only to wash our normal loads, but also to “freshen up” the clothing that has been stored in tubs for months.

Despite the children “helping” (destroying all of my neatly sorted stacks and mixing everything up), slowly but surely the mounds are diminished, the closets and dressers refilled, and the tubs stored away with their bounty of winter clothing.

The ray of sunshine through this dreaded chore:  purging!

Israel (2) is our final child, so all of the items he has outgrown or no longer needs can be donated.  Layla (3) is our youngest girl and everything she is done with can also be donated.

It is incredibly satisfying to load bags of clothing into the truck and take them to the donation center!  It makes the house feel just a little less full and a smidge lighter than it did before.


God bless,



7 responses to “A Never-Ending Parade of Tubs

  1. This is what my living room looks like right now, too. Not my favorite part of weather changing but my girls sure love it. (And I’m happy they get excited about “new” clothes, even if it’s something we’ve owned for years.)

  2. Yay! I can imagine how it is with you with more children that I have. Switching clothes for 4 children is quite a chore already. (In fact, I have already misplaced the clothes and do not recall which clothes go in which bins). 🙂

  3. My living room looked like that a couple of weeks ago!

  4. I can so relate! That’s my (our) job next week!

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