The Gorgeousness of Birmingham Botanical Gardens

The weather is warming up beautifully and that has plunged us full-throttle into our spring field trip season!

We began with a full day at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.  Last spring we started our field trip season with this field trip as well, but we waited about a week too late to see all of the tulips and early spring blooms.  This year, we were greeted by thousands of gorgeous flowers.

The gardens to explore are bountiful with treasures to be discovered by those who are willing to wander and search.

There are adventures to be had and fun to be chased down around every bend.

There is much to do, from sword fighting to taking a break in the library to relaxing and taking in a lovely view of a sea of blooms.

Did I mention…

And this my friends, is just the beginning!

Coming soon… the Civil War, hiking a preserve, an orchard, and the zoo.  *grin*

What field trips do you have coming up?

God bless,


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One response to “The Gorgeousness of Birmingham Botanical Gardens

  1. Such an incredible field trip! I’m sure looking forward to spring and the snow is slowly starting to melt here! We are though anticipating a trip to our local wildlife preserve to see the new baby animals! We love visiting there! $50 for the whole year and we can go as often as we want!

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