January Thus Far

January has been overflowing with new additions to our little homestead, wacky Southern weather, gymnastics meets, schoolwork, getting the inside of a new house put together projects, birthdays, and a to-do list of outside projects that is about a foot long!

Say hello to our newest additions!

Three of our nine newest chickens.

We hatched out 10 new little chickies, though one of them died soon after.  Unfortunately, it hatched with part of its intestines outside of its abdomen.

I have been hatching chickens, guineas, and ducks for years, and this is the first time I have experienced this particular problem.  Blessedly, I have seasoned homesteaders I can talk to and learn from!

Remember those adorable tiny puppies we rescued?

They are now just a bit over six months old and have grown a smidge.  *grin*

Zeke and Judah are learning their manners and will soon be introduced to our chickens.  Training our dogs to protect and not chase our chickens is essential.

They take their jobs as pillows for the children, chewers of toys left out, and being vigilant of ninja squirrels very seriously!  I will be immensely happy when they get out of the chewing stage.  Despite my efforts to provide them with plenty of appropriate chewing options, they just have to find a wayward toy to destroy.  On a positive note, there are less toys to pick up!

My list of to-do’s on our homestead is oh so long, but the weather is not cooperating.  Weeks of rain and cold temperatures, followed by snow and even colder temperatures, has kept us indoors far too long.

I am a Southern girl!  I had my fill of snow and cold during our time in the north.  Dear snow, I hate to be rude, but… go away!

I need a few days of decent temperatures and no rain, so I can finish building and filling our raised beds.  Planting for this region begins in mere weeks and not months!

We will be starting seeds indoors within the next week.  Little cups of soil and seeds will be EVERYWHERE!  Yay!

While I harvested most of my seeds from last year’s crops, I enjoy growing new varieties.  Where do I buy all of my seeds from?  Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  (No, they did not ask me to, pay me to, or sponsor me to say that.)  I am a huge fan of their varieties, customer service, and their catalog is absolute art!

Look at how fabulous the Cosmic Purple Carrot is!

Click picture for source!

The Jaltomato looks interesting!  I love finding new fruits for jellies.

Click picture for source!

This Pattison Panache squash will be in my garden this summer!

Click picture for source!

What is happening in your family this January?

Are you trying any new fruits or veggies this coming season?

God bless!



2 responses to “January Thus Far

  1. We live in upstate NY. What’s happening in our family is that we still are waiting for relocation papers from hub’s job. I went ahead and ordered onions to plant with my elderly neighbor (we usually do gardens together), but I don’t know if he’ll be around in June or if we will either. He’s got terminal cancer, and according to the drs. not that long–however, I told him it’s up to God, not the doctors.
    It’s really cold today. 0’F We have 2 inches of snow on the ground, but just 30mins north of us, everything is under huge snow (schools have been closed). I have a few basil growing on my window sill, but I’ll have to order some dirt to put them in a larger pot. We can’t break the ground. LOL 🙂

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