It Is NOT Procrastination!

My dear friend Noah Webster defines procrastination as “to put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done”. While I, like many others, do procrastinate at times, it is not my main problem.
I identify one my biggest struggles as trying-to-fit-too-much-in-a-small-amount-of-time-itis. Does anyone else suffer from this syndrome? Somebody, please raise your hand!
For those of you who do not know what TTFTMIASAOTitis is, it is the sad and difficult affliction of knowing you have to leave your house at a particular time and yet having the need to fit as many to-do’s in that time as possible.

Example: if I have to leave the house at 4:00pm, I will work on schoolwork, cleaning, laundry, writing, answering emails, and anything else that grabs my attention up until about ten minutes before I am supposed to be walking out the door. That leaves me rushing to get ready and being mad at myself for running late. AGAIN.
Why can I not just ignore a couple of those tasks and actually get out of the house on time? I have no idea.
I have tried, believe you me, I have tried!

I have the greatest of intentions, the prettiest of schedules, and a to-do list that has been pared down to a manageable size, but somehow extra things seem to sneak into my list. *time being sucked out of my schedule*

Out of nowhere someone needs my attention…NOW.  *more time being sucked out of my schedule*

A little one is feeling a tad clingy (for almost the whole day) and won’t let go of me.   Anything less than clinging to my chest like a baby orangutan just will not do.  *there goes more time*

Ooo, I have been struck by the intense need to reorganize a shelf.  *bye-bye time!*

I realize the fault rests solely on my shoulders and my need to overachieve and exceed expectations.  So, I guess I really do know why, and I am working on this.  Just add it to my to-do list.  I get to it about 3 minutes before I have to leave.  *wink*

Caution!!!  If you suffer from this, you may also be stricken with PBES!


God bless,


Did you make it all the way to the end of this post?  Congratulations!  Just for making it allllllll the way down here, you get to enter your name in to win 2 bars of my handmade goat milk soap.  Leave a comment in response to the post above and make sure you also tell me which scent(s) you would choose if you won.  You can see the soap scents I offer here –> SOAP.


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8 responses to “It Is NOT Procrastination!

  1. I am not but my little Sis does. Bless her heart she is Bad. Rachel Trull

  2. I totally feel your pain. I thought I was the only one who couldn’t make it out the door on time yet again, and still didn’t get it all done. 🙂

  3. I definitely suffer from both (at moment only hub has drivable vehicle, so not as much the first one) . 2 years ago, we put our house on the market because we were expecting surprise number six and our neighbor did not like us having chickens in our backyard. (We are allowed, but she didn’t like the fact that they were in her view.) So we thought God is telling us to move to bigger house and bigger land. Well, I suffered from PBES so much for 9 months, in addition to having to leave the house with 6 kids and a dog every time the house was shown (TTFTMIA….)!

    The day I came home from the hospital, we had to pack up the kids, 2 grandmas and the dog and sit in a van in a snow filled park until the people were gone! We didn’t sell it…we were probably asking too much, but we had to in order to get any kind of place with acreage.

    PBES is here again….for now there’s the discussion that we are to be relocated to GA (from upstate NY)…haven’t got any papers yet, and repainting house…If you have found a cure for PBES, please let me know! Every time I look at our house, I see more things that need to be perfect! I am trusting God…and need to say it more often.

    If I win, I’d love to get Kung Fu Granny and Little Blondie soaps. 🙂

  4. Wonderful post! I am one of those often in danger of not reaching perfection with the intense lists I make myself. I just thank the Lord that he accepts me unconditionally when I fail! Hugs from Canada!

  5. Thanks for your post! I know I’m not a procrastinator, but I never seem to be able to get things all done. I’m trying to fit too much in! I have four kids 3 and under, so every single one needs help from feeding to diapering/wiping! 🙂 It’s always something trying to get out the door! And I always have a project or something I want to get done! Pantry really doesn’t need to be reorganized all the time… 🙂 Love your blog!

  6. Finally! A name for my affliction! Knowing is half the battle! 😉 I’m late every where for this exact reason.

  7. I would love to try any of your soaps, but summer in savannah sounds nice.

  8. I’d love to try the goat milk soap, but I’d have to got with Whisper Sweet Nothings…

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