View From My Porch (Link Up)

Welcome to this week’s edition of View From My Porch!

This week’s post has been provided courtesy of our five-year old tornado, Susannah.

Beautiful glass, isn’t it?

Can you guess what it is?

Here is a little bit of a wider shot.

It is the fifth gazing ball that has been smashed into tiny beautiful shards that are so incredibly difficult to find and clean up.

While the untimely demise of my gorgeous glass ball lies firmly on the shoulders of Susannah and her bike, she did not break all five of them.  No, no, no, the whole family has joined in on the attacks against the lovelies I like to adorn my gardens with.  Mark (hubs), Noah (14), Emily Grace (12), and the roughness of moving have all done their part.

It is a conspiracy, I tell you!

As is so apparent, I cannot have glass or anything breakable in my gardens, but I love the look of a colorful orb.  So, that brings me to my next question.  Can you help me?  What can I repurpose, make, and/ or create to take the place of my far too delicate glass gazing ball?  We are talking a need for Superman durability here!


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So, what are you going to share from the view from your porch?

To God be the glory,



9 responses to “View From My Porch (Link Up)

  1. I live in New Mexico, and in the center of our medians, there is tumbled colored glass. I love how it injects a shot of color to the area, where it is usually just dull and colorless. I know it may not be cost effective-not sure how much it is to buy those, but it is pretty and sparkly, and then it won’t matter as much if you broke something in it.

  2. Have you thrown away your shards? I have seen gazing ball made from shards of glass before. That would be a fun project.
    Personally though, I LOVE jars of all shapes and sizes. If you could find one of the old milk (I believe) jars from an antique store you and the family could fill it will all the old glass shards and many other shiny treasures. I think this would be an awesome garden feature!!!
    I found a large vase (aprx. 18″ tall and 6″ around) when we moved in our home about a year ago. The previous owners left it and we began filling it with all kinds of trinkets we found from the several previous owners of the home. We have everything from plastic army men, to shell casings, to marbles, and even an old AA book. It is a neat way to be reminded of the homes past and to think about and pray for the families who lived there.
    Filling jars with rocks, buttons, marbles, found objects, etc is always a great way to remember fun and even so so fun times. Now I want to find a large jar and begin this in my own garden 🙂

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  4. old bowling balls sprayed paint in shiny colors 🙂 thrifts store and garage sale finds!

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