Sometimes the world really does stop.

It is time for an update on the happenings around our little homestead.  From the heart-stopping to the every day comings and goings of a family of ten, we have it all!  *grin*

Let’s start with heart-stopping, shall we?

Our family, which rarely gets sick, was struck down by the crud.  You know the crud.  That nasty stuff where sinus drainage likes to try to stick in your chest, it gives you that tickle spot in your throat, and you walk around hacking like a 90-year-old man with emphysema.

While most of us responded well to our tried-and-true home remedies, one of us did not.

When I arrived home from Emily Grace’s practice Thursday evening, I found that Hannah (10) was sleeping the entire time I was gone.  By the time she made it up the stairs she was out of breath, and 5 minutes later, she still couldn’t catch her breath.

Daddy carried her to the car, and we headed to the emergency room.  Apparently, in the two days after her doctor appointment, something went very wrong.  That “wrong” brought about an ambulance ride and an almost 4 day stay at Children’s Hospital in Birmingham.

The official diagnosis:  atypical pneumonia.  Sometimes the world really does stop, and my world did just that.  I am so grateful for family (Granny and Cousin A) who came and kept our household running while I stayed at the hospital with Hannah.  Daddy did double duty between taking care of the rest of the children and spending time with Hannah.

It is a horrible feeling being completely helpless to make your child well again.  Every little noise and movement has you wide awake and watching them carefully.  The first night, or what was left of it, I slept sitting in a chair next to her bed with my head resting next to her feet.  I may have totaled 2 hours of sleep in the first 36 hours.

I know that in the grand scheme of things I have little to no control in what happens in life, but it is going through things like this that make it all to in-your-face apparent.

I am thankful to you all for your prayers and uplifting thoughts, and I am most grateful to God for answering those prayers.

Hannah has been home for a few days now and improving by leaps and bounds.  The crud is leaving our family, and we are all FINALLY getting back to our own version of normal.  *grin*

On the homestead front, our chickens have finally made the move to the chicken house!  It was perfect timing.  The temperatures have dropped and we have had some seriously dangerous storms come through over the past week.  They are much safer and warmer in the chicken house as opposed to the brooder box.

Today, I put an entire bale of fresh hay in the chicken house and one in the run.  We learned some time ago that chickens are spectacular at creating healthy compost.  We fill our chicken run with appropriate kitchen scraps, leaves, some grains, and hay, and our chickens will scratch, peck, eat, digest, and finally poop all in the run.  We keep adding fresh “ingredients”, and they keep composting it all.  Every couple of months we clean it all out, add it to the gardens, and start over.

Today is also the day I have started on my great grain sprouting experiment for the chickens.  Here is the original pin:

I am taking pictures and keeping notes!

Next, I have to prepare a piece of charcoal to put in there.

Here is that pin:

I have just a couple of details to finish on the chicken house and I will finally get to share it with you.  Why yes, I have been taking a whole lotta pictures!

I will have to tell you about my garden progress later, or this post will be far too long!

God bless!


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2 responses to “Sometimes the world really does stop.

  1. Still praying for your family! Having an ill child is definitely very hard, especially when you are not able to help them!
    Great to hear about your chickens, it must be wonderful to have them!

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