Tough Start, Nice Finish

Have you ever experienced those days where you look at the clock, realize it is 2:30 in the afternoon, and try to form a list of accomplishments that includes more than eating breakfast (a cup of coffee counts), brushing your hair (with your fingers works just fine), and you haven’t lost any kids?

Yeah, my week started out that way.  Two steps forward and five steps back seemed  the motto for Monday and Tuesday.  Ugh!

A few highlights {insert sarcasm here}:

  • It is heartbreaking finding Layla’s (3) cute, little, blonde curls on the ground.  Grrrr.
  • Misplacing the key to the filing cabinet where our school supplies  and completed work that awaits being checked are stored is not a good thing.
  • A toddler (Israel- 21 months) who is suddenly extraordinarily clingy makes multi-tasking almost impossible.
  • Over-sleeping just ONE morning results in being behind the eight ball all day, and that, for some aggravating reason, tries to continue into the next day or two.
  • The joy of discovering that Susannah (5), in her attempt to “clean” her room, crammed a globe slam-full of her clothing and toys.  A globe!!  Yes, she shoved the earth full of junk.

After what felt like banging my head against the wall Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I decided it was time for a do-over.  Sometimes, we moms just have to clear our minds and to-do lists and start fresh.

Forget the days that were not productive, and drop the to-do’s that didn’t get completed.  That means it is time to create a two-day week out of Thursday and Friday, and use those two days to accomplish a new to-do list and new goals that will realistically fit in a 48 hour period.

Just a adding a little cuteness to this post with a sweet shot of my clingy Israel (21 months). How can I say “No” to that little face?

What does my new two-day check list look like?

  • Wash, dry, fold, and put away 4-6 loads of laundry (not too bad!)
  • Tackle a couple of lessons in Math and a couple in English.
  • Don’t scrimp on the Bible study or prayer time!
  • Include our favorite subjects- science (with Apologia, of course), geography, and history.
  • Tackle vocabulary and spelling next week.
  • Find something arsty to express ourselves artistically and let the creativity flow!
  • Think of a couple of cute and creative ways to style Layla’s hair in an attempt to make the gaps not quite so apparent.
  • Finish putting together soap orders.  (This one is very therapeutic for me!)
  • Spend some much needed wind-down time with Hubs.

By the time this evening (Friday) wraps up, this list will be checked-off, and I will be snuggling with Mark while the kids play a game of Monopoly, read a book, and/or play with the puppies.

This week may have started off on the rough side, but through a readjustment of my goals and my attitude, it is finishing very nicely.

How has your week been?  Was it like mine, or did you accomplish enough to put you ahead next week?  *grin*

God bless,


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2 responses to “Tough Start, Nice Finish

  1. I love how God is so gracious in allowing us to start over afresh, regardless of the day of the week! Blessings on you as you care for your children and yes, I’d have a hard time saying no to this sweet face either!

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