You Capture! ~Shoes~

My boys!
I will often find Israel (21months) tromping through the house wearing Noah’s (14) shoes. He can barely make it 3 steps before he is picking himself up from the floor…again.
Yet, it seems as though it wasn’t that long ago that I was watching Noah do the same thing with his Dad’s shoes.
I didn’t think Noah would ever grow in to those shoes that squeaked and clumped across the floor as his baby feet tried so hard to walk just like Daddy.

Now, my oldest boy is no longer a boy, rather he is grown enough to wear the same size shoe as his Dad. When did he grow so much? When did he mature from a little blonde haired, adventurous whirlwind into a young man?

As watch Israel’s toddler legs struggle to keep up with his older brother, I see a little man who is just as determined to take on this world, even if it means doing it with just one shoe!

This post is linked up with Beth’s You Capture! photo challenge.


3 responses to “You Capture! ~Shoes~

  1. This is just so precious! I love it when the older children take such an interest in their younger siblings! My oldest is 13, then almost 10, 4 and 3.
    All of my children have enjoyed walking around in shoes too big for them. It almost seems a right of passage 🙂

  2. How cute that Israel tries to wear his big brother’s shoes! What great moments to capture.

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