Taking Giant Homestead Steps Forward

It has been almost three years since our family’s move back to our home state of Alabama, and we have been more than ready to get our homestead up and charging full steam ahead.

If you have that homesteading spirit, then you understand just how hard it is to put those dreams on the back burner until you find the right home and property.  In our previous house, Mark and I would walk around and talk of chickens and chicken houses, guineas and gardens, and milk goats.  Now that we are in this new house, we are turning all of that talk into action, and I am loving it!!

My fantastic hubs, Mr. Muscles, has completed the building of the chicken house,the outside accessible nesting box, ladder roost, run door and ramp, and has only to run power to it.  It is such a blessing to be married to an electrician!  🙂

We have spent no money at this point in building our chicken house.  Rather, it has been built by investing a lot of time and hard work by reclaiming wood from an old deck that we have been tearing down.  The paint, red for the walls and white for the trim, was scavenged from someone who was throwing it away.  The windows were also being discarded, so we put those to good use as well!

The chicken house is almost done! I have one more coat of red to put on it, then I can move onto painting the trim white.

I have a little place in my heart for old barns, so that my chicken house has that look to it makes me smile.  Hubs is no longer surprised when I start yelling for him to pull over so that I can photograph an old barn that has caught my attention.  *grin*

Next comes adding the attached chicken run.  Mark (hubs) and Noah (14) started setting posts and framing it in this past weekend.  While we have the wood to repurpose into the framing, we have had to purchase the chicken wire.

Now we need some chickens to call our new chicken house home!  Less than two weeks ago we hatched out 7 chicks that are currently housed in our master bathroom.  What?  You don’t keep chicks in your bathroom?   I know some of you do!

My mom is blessing us with several laying hens just as soon as the chicken run is completed!  I am beyond ready to start gathering eggs from our own hens again.

Some of the chicks we have hatched out!

Also around the homestead, the cool weather makes it a lot easier to work on our future raised beds.  While Mark is building the chicken house and run, I have been focusing my attention on claiming this area for two raised beds that will step down this slope.  I have several 4×4’s that need to be moved and a good bit of digging to give a solid foundation.  I have great plans for this area, including a new paint job on the lattice work that surrounds underneath the porch.

Our future raised beds. 🙂

I can’t wait to give you the grand tour of our chicken house and share its little details when it is completed and teeming with chickens (which will hopefully be next week!)

Do you hear that homesteading call?

To God be the glory,


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6 responses to “Taking Giant Homestead Steps Forward

  1. Yeah for you! The progress looks great! I too have the homesteading spirit, but due to job circumstances, everything is on hold. Who knows, one of our job opportunities is in Alabama. Maybe it will go through! 🙂

  2. Oooh I wish you lived in the Cincinnati area. You would be one of my best friends!!!

  3. I can NOT wait until we stop renting and we can get chickens again. I miss the eggs so much.

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