Would the real landlord please stand up?

For anyone who does not know the story, or for those of you who have been waiting far too long for my slow self to finish this two-part series, let’s recap the other half of this post!

  • After a year and half of searching, we finally found a house to rent long-term while we save up.
  • The house has enough bedrooms to fit us comfortably, property for a homestead, and is located in just the right area.
  • We scheduled an appointment, looked at the house, and loved it.
  • We signed a lease and paid the deposit and first month’s rent.
  • Two days before we were supposed to move in, I received a phone call from the real homeowners.


A last minute phone call to the previous tenants, whom we are blessed to know, is what started everything spilling out a mere two days before we were scheduled to move in.

Immediately after hanging up with the real homeowners, I was on the phone with my bank canceling those checks!  It wasn’t even half an hour before the first check had arrived into hands of the person who was trying to scam our family out of almost every penny we had in the bank!  God is so good!  My heart absolutely pounds at the thought of that check arriving any earlier.

How do I know the timing?  The person who was trying to steal from us actually had the gall to call me and tell me the check was in their hand.   When confronted by myself and the true homeowners, the scammer tried to make it all look like an accident and kept clinging to the story that they really wanted to buy this house and rent it out.  I guess that fact that the homeowners didn’t want to sell it to them never mattered.  Oy!

So, we have our money back and all is good.  Right?  Nope.

The new problem facing us then was that we had given notice to our landlords at our previous house and only had 9 days left before we had to vacate.

Well, the new house is available.  Right?  Nope.

The homeowners had already verbally agreed to rent it to another family.

This left us with nine days to do what we had spent a year and a half trying to do, find a house for our large family.   This is the point where I would be tempted to insert panic, anger, and worry, but not this time.  God gave me a calm and assured spirit, and I absolutely knew in my heart that God was going to take what the enemy intended for evil and turn it for our good.  Even Mark was surprised by how calm and sure I was.  That, my friends, is the hand of God and nothing else.

Within two days we received word from the homeowners letting us know that they had personally driven to the couple’s house to whom they had a verbal contract with and explained, in detail, what had happened to our family.

That family released our new landlords from the verbal agreement in order to let us have the house.  Woo hoo!

We were able to move into the new house by our vacate date, and we also had time to clean, touch-up paint, and get our old house move-in ready to bless our old landlords who had been so wonderful to our family for almost 2 1/2 years!

God gave me yet another example of how perfect His timing is!

There is no way I could possibly end this post without taking a moment to send out a ginormous THANK YOU to each and every one of you who spent time in prayer over our family.  You are amazing and I am truly thankful!  May God bless you ten times over!!

All for His glory,



4 responses to “Would the real landlord please stand up?

  1. Elizabeth Velderman

    So glad that all worked out! What a crazy, stressful experience. Thanks for sharing how God worked in your family!

  2. Amazing!!! God is always good!

  3. Praise God! I’m so happy it worked out! Hope you & your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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