Who did you say you are?

How many times have you seen displayed on the news a sad and heartbreaking story of an elderly lady or gentleman who was duped by some con-artist for every penny they had in their life savings?  As we watch the details unfold we ask ourselves, “How in the world did they fall for such an obvious scheme?”.

Sometimes, my friends, it is not obvious.  Sometimes the victims are not elderly.  Sometimes the would-be victims are a family of ten.

Did you see the blessing in that last statement?  Would-be victims.

God is amazing at taking what the enemy intends to use against us and turning it for our good.  This time that good isn’t just good, it is fantastic!

It is not an easy feat to find a rental house for a large family.  Add homeschooling and homesteading to that and you have narrowed the field even further.  We just cannot do a postage stamp sized yard.  It looks like a clown circus out there when the kids head outside to play.  I can hear the clown music playing in my head at this very moment.  

When you find a house advertised in multiple publications that meets all of your needs and even surprises you with a few extra blessings, you call right then.  We did.  After a great phone conversation we scheduled a showing.  A walk around the house and property and a little haggling had us signing a lease and paying a deposit along with the first month’s rent.

Then comes the gigantic to-do list that is a part of moving from one house to another:  give written and verbal notice to current landlords, hunt down ever-elusive boxes, three weeks to pack up everything, one week to clean old house and make it ready for the next family, utilities to turn on and utilities to turn off.  The list goes on and on and on.

Let me interrupt this story for a moment to add a little detail that has plagued me for more than two weeks now.  My washing machine broke.  The little sensor that controls the water fill went kaput.  Eight kids, cloth diapers, husband in construction, two puppies, and no laundromat within a 25 mile radius.  We have spent the past 2+ weeks washing essentials by hand.  The part needed to repair my washer finally arrived today.  I will be washing clothing 24 hours a day for the next few days just to catch up.

Back to the story.  I cannot quite describe the sense of panic that wells up when you call the current tenant of your future home to acquire utlitity information to be told that the person claiming to be the owner of the house really isn’t.  I don’t think I can adequately describe the feeling of your heart bottoming out into your knees when the real owner calls you and introduces himself.  There is no way I can help you to feel and understand my panic when I was told that the fake owner served time for fraud.

It was at that moment that I hit my knees in prayer.  We have been beyond blessed by family, friends, readers, and followers who have all been in prayer, calling, and emailing to show their support for our family.

Prayers make a difference!

The conclusion…tomorrow.


8 responses to “Who did you say you are?

  1. This happened to my sister just recently….I won’t say what happened until you finish your story…. 🙂

  2. Jen (Narrow Way Wife)

    OH MY! I can’t wait to see how this played out. We were fervently praying for you!

  3. OOops, not to be confusing—the rental fraud thing happened to my sis….

    As far as no washing machine, we did wash clothes in the bathtub with a plunger for a year (clothes actually were cleaner than ever due to soaking and not being squashed in machine)—-but with no cloth diapers, and only a family of 3. I can’t think of doing that including the cloth diapers!!!! The wringing part of the washer is what is so necessary!!

    I found that going without a washer is much worse than no dryer, which we did go w/o for 6 months with a family of 7, during the winter, hanging clothes in front of our woodstove insert.

    I’m glad things are finally looking better for y’all! By the way, if you’re looking to buy a small, 3/4 of an acre homestead in upstate NY, we’re going to have to sell it within the next 6 months for job reloc. 🙂

  4. HOLY COW.

    And believe me, I KNOW how hard it is to find willing landlords for large families. Our family of 15 was fortunate to get a great one who is hopeful that we will one day be able to buy this fantastic English style manor on 17 acres.

    Looking forward to hearing how this turned out for you! Yikes!

  5. Oh, the laundry!
    But anyway, I am glad that things turned out well for you. I am rarin’ to read the next installment. 🙂

  6. Okay, so I keep checking to see how things turned out?!?! Been praying for you! xoxo

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