Thankful, For He Gives Me Such Freedom!

I have heard faith in God described as confining and binding, but, in my relationship with God, He doesn’t hold me back or keep me down.  He gives me such freedom!

God sets me free from…

…the bondage of sin.   Though I sin, I know that not only will He forgive me and wash away those sins, but He will also help me to walk away from temptations to sin again.

…the weight of worry.  Things are crazy in the world.  Watching the news, reading the articles:  they can easily get me focused on worrying, but God sets me free from that.  All I have to do is trust in Him, and He has NEVER let me down.

…the weight of other peoples’ opinions.  I have turned everything in my life over to God.  It is through His word and His guidance that I make the choices that I do, and those choices are because I am following Him.  As long as I continue to focus on God, He will never take His eyes off of me!  I don’t have to let the negative opinions of others drag me down!

God gives me the freedom to…

…be exactly who He intentionally and lovingly created me to be.  Every day He teaches me and helps me to learn and understand more about who I am and what I can do through Him.

…grow and learn through love and service, just as He has demonstrated. Through the daily blessings He provides, the people He brings into my life, the situations that are set before me, and the challenges that come my way, I step out of my comfort zone to do more than just talk about who God is.

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There are so many more freedoms that God has blessed me with that I could share with you, but I want to hear yours.  What would you add?  What has God freed you from?   What has God given you the freedom to do or to be?

I am ever so thankful for the freedom God gives me to be a child of the King!

God bless,



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