You Capture! ~Play~

With a house full of Littles, Middles, and TWO new puppies, there is a whole lotta play going on in here!

We are working diligently to make sure our Little Man, Israel, knows his way around a kitchen!  One day, his future bride will thank me for this.  *wink*

One of the many pleasures of homeschooling is the ability to get the kids outside periodically to stretch their legs and have a little fun before hitting the books again.

There is nothing quite like the sweet giggles from Israel and Susannah as she chases him in his swing.  Every time she would almost “catch” him, he would swing out of reach and she would have to chase him back the other way.

There are rare moments in the day when one of the children isn’t playing with our newest furry family members, Ezekiel and Judah.  I am ever so grateful that when they feel like chewing on something, they chew on each other.  They will stalk and romp and play as the kids watch with delight on their faces.

Noah takes great care to ensure the puppies are tired out and completely ready for nap time.

It does this Momma’s heart well to watch as the children play, catch butterflies, and enjoy their time together outside.  Sometimes I wish I could freeze these moments and keep them in my pocket.

God bless,


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One response to “You Capture! ~Play~

  1. These look like so much fun! Ah, sweet childhood… 🙂

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