Thankful For A Bountiful Harvest

This year’s garden has been one of our most successful and bountiful, and we are so thankful for the healthy, homegrown food we have been enjoying at the dinner table and putting up in the freezer and in the pantry.

“He who gathers in the summer is a wise son…”  Proverbs 10:5

Our purple podded pole beans are producing well, and the kids and I are working hard to keep up with keeping them picked and producing even more.

This is my first time canning our beans.  Usually we blanch and freeze them.  I found canning them to be no more difficult than the process to freeze them.  This leaves me freezer space for other fruits and veggies like pumpkin!

So far this year we have been blessed to can or freeze green beans, avocados, peaches, and tomatoes.

Coming up soon will be freezing some of our bell peppers, and our upcoming field trip to a local apple orchard will have us dehydrating apples, and making applesauce and apple butter!

“He who tills his land will be satisfied with bread…”  Proverbs 12:11

This season is not over yet!  We are in the process of cleaning out what has been fully harvested, feeding the soil, and planting more fall/ cool weather crops.  There is more to be worked, grown, harvested, and canned!  There are more lessons to be learned.  There are more great conversations to be had while weeding and working in the gardens together.

The time and effort we invest in our garden grows far more than just fruits and veggies, it also grows healthy children and healthy relationships in our family.

In and out of the garden, there is so much to be thankful for!

What are you thankful for today?  Do you garden with your children?

God bless,



One response to “Thankful For A Bountiful Harvest

  1. Where do you live that you have avocados and apples? THAT is where I want to move to!

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