Fun Balloon Inspired Name Sign

It has gotten more and more difficult to come up with something different for each of our eight children’s name sign.  I have now made it through seven of the eight!  Just so you know, I have no idea AT ALL what I am going to do for number eight.  Then again, he is only 18 months old and still really coming into his personality.  I hope I get inspired before his birthday!

Layla, age 3, is our bubbly, grinning, laughing, and silly one.  How do you create a name sign that shows that?  Balloons!

For this project you need:

  • the appropriate letters for the name (purchased from Hobby Lobby at 50% off.)
  • acrylic paint (already had this in our arts and crafts supplies)
  • paint brush (also already in our arts and crafts supplies)
  • 1/4″ to 1/2″ wide ribbon (purchased at Hobby Lobby for 50% off)
  • clear spray sealant ($5.99 at Hobby Lobby)
  • glue gun

I chose to paint each of the letters of her name a different color to match the tie blanket I made her for her birthday.  Doing this really makes the “balloon” aspect of the name sign pop!

Two coats of paint and a two coats of sealant and the letters are ready to add the ribbon to.

I used a black, 1/2″ wide ribbon and tied a small bow to be the bottom of the ballon, and I cut a 3 foot long piece to be the string.  I hot glued the string to the back of each letter and the bow to the bottom of each letter.

Before you hang the letters on the wall, I want to pass on a little tip.  If you add a bead of hot glue to the bottom of each letter on the back side, it will keep the letter from moving around on the wall when doors are closed too hard.  It really helps to keep the letters properly angled!

I used the toothpaste trick to hang the letters.  I applied a small dot of toothpaste above each nail hole on the back of the letters.  When I gently touched each letter to the wall,  a spot of toothpaste marked the place for the nail.  After I drove the nails in, I wiped the toothpaste off of the wall and the back of the letters.

Once I had hung each letter, I gathered the strings together to complete the balloon look.

I want to share another little tip for keeping the letters and strings in place.  First, once you have gathered the strings together, use a small ponytail holder to keep the strings from pulling away.

I used a small nail at the point where all of the strings are gathered to keep it all held in place.  Finally, I used a small piece of the ribbon and tied it around the gathered spot.  Ta-dah!

I am already thinking of making two small changes.  Okay, maybe they are really medium changes.  *grin*

I am considering changing the ribbon to a white one, and I am also considering changing the coloring of the pink “L” to a darker, brighter shade to better match her blanket.

Here is  a photo of her blanket:

I am thinking that the white ribbon for the little bows and strings would be less stark than the black.  Also, while there is some light pink in the blanket, the letter just doesn’t seem to match as well as the other letter colors.

If I make these changes, I will update this post so that you can see the differences.

To see the other name signs, just click the following links:  Renee and Noah, Emily Grace, Hannah, Olivia, and Susannah.

They make such great personalized gifts!  If you create a name sign of your own, I encourage you to leave a link here in the comments for me as well as for other readers.  You just may inspire someone with exactly what they are looking for!

God bless,


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