It doesn’t take the hurt away

Our family recently experienced a loss that we just were not prepared for.  Our newest dog-member of the family, Jericho, suddenly passed away while we were on vacation.  That is a horrible phone call to receive in the middle of a day out exploring and having a wonderful time with your children.

Jericho 4/22/2011 – 7/30/2012

I don’t want to go into great detail about his death, but I will tell you that we know one of our neighbors is responsible.  It absolutely amazes me that anyone with a heartbeat would ever want to do harm to and snatch away our children’s beloved dog.  What kind of sick and twisted person finds this to be acceptable?

While we had decided some time ago to move, and have been praying about it, this definitely sealed our decision to move to a different community.  If I cannot trust that our dogs are safe, then I cannot trust that our children are safe.  End of story!

It is an unbelievably difficult task telling eight children that their furry best friend  has died.  The oldest 3 figured out that Jericho had passed away, but we held off telling the younger ones.  We didn’t want them to spend the better part of their vacation upset and crying.

To help the kids heal and not solely focus on the loss of Jericho, we decided to rescue a puppy.  The plan was to adopt a puppy, but not tell the kids until after we had let them know that Jericho was gone.  Granny and Papaw were dog-sitting, so it gave  us a few days to find a puppy in need of a good home.

A few emails and a prospective puppy was found.  On the way to view my choices I was steadily praying for a little guidance in choosing the one that would be the perfect fit for our family.

Before the following words ever came out of my mouth, they had never occurred to me.

“We’ll take them both.”

Excuse me?

The entire way home I kept thinking of reasons NOT to bring home two puppies, but for every reason why not there were two reasons as to why it was a good idea.

God, you’re telling Mark!

And He did!  Mark just knew I would bring home two, even though we had not discussed it or even considered it.  Thank you, God, for breaking the news to him.  It would seem that God told Mark before He told me!  *grin*

I would like to introduce you to our newest furry family members:

Noah holding Ezekiel and Judah

Mark waited outside while I broke the news about Jericho to the rest of the children.  Their reactions were absolutely heart-breaking.  After giving them a few moments to ask questions and understand what was going on, Mark brought in Ezekiel and Judah.

I am telling you, if love and attention really do make an animal grow, we will have two dogs with the whole Clifford, the big red dog kind of thing happening!

The new puppies are very much helping the kids heal from their loss, but these puppies are in no way taking Jericho’s place.  We have multiple requests for a picture of Jericho.  He will be missed, but we will smile every time we think of the puppy in the body of a big dog!

God bless,



3 responses to “It doesn’t take the hurt away

  1. Wow, I never had a dog killed by a neighbor, but I have had cats taken by them and as a little girl, a neighbor called the town on our dogs (we had more than 3 in our subdivision) and my dog that I had had since 2yrs old had to go to a new home. I feel for you all! I’m glad you were able to find puppies so quickly! We have a similar story about my going to the vet with our then-puppy for shots, and I ended up taking home a new kitten with the puppy. When I got home, my husband (Marc) said to me—you’ve been gone an hour–did you pick up a kitten?? How do they know, huh?! LOL It must be GOD, because my Marc wasn’t upset, either 🙂

  2. I am so sorry for the loss of Jericho. It is sad that someone would think of harming an animal; much less a human. My prayers are with your family as you must live next to this person. Your newest furbabies are precious. My sweet Barnabas got sick deathly sick when he was 10 months old. Thankfully my friend was his vet and took extra care of him until the end. Praying fir God’s protection over Ezekiel and Judah; as well as your entire family. Blessings!

  3. I’m very sorry for your loss.
    The puppies are very cute<3
    Here from the Hop!

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