All of those schoolwork papers

Don’t you just love those fantastic little tips that make things a little easier, a little smoother, and a bit more organized?  Me, too!

I am going to share a tip with you that I put into action last year, and wow, did it make a difference!

With multiple kids working on a varied amount school work independently, the papers they complete were usually a chaotic mess.

In our previous school years, I would get so frustrated trying to keep everyone’s papers organized and together.  Attempts to create stacks for each child to put their papers in just didn’t work.  As they would turn in their work to be checked, the piles would get mixed up, papers would fall behind my desk or be used by a Little to draw and color on.

I looked at the “In” and “Out” trays, but with more than 2 kids turning in school work, I would have had quite a tower just to keep each of their papers separated!

File folders to the rescue!  Mark brought home a small filing cabinet for me to use in our school room, and that is just what I did.

Each child has 2 folders.  The “In” folder is for all papers, worksheets, and work that needs to be checked and/or graded by me.  The “Out” folder is for the papers I have checked that they need to either correct or put away in their binders.

No more lessons being lost or accidentally thrown away.  No more having to hunt for someone’s paper they have turned in by placing it on my desk or at my end of the table.  Everything is either in their folders or in their binders.

Do you have a little tip you have “discovered” that would help your fellow homeschooler?  Share it in the comments or post in the comments a link to your post with the tip.   I am also looking for ways to streamline and organize our day, our schedule, and our classroom!

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God bless,



One response to “All of those schoolwork papers

  1. If I could reach through the computer and hug you, I would! This is the perfect solution to our paper problems.

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