A Whole Lotta Everything

A whole lotta everything, that would describe my week so far, as well as the rest of the week yet to come.

There are so many wonderful things happening around here.  My to-do list, and the honey-do list, and my oh-so-close-to-our-full-fall-schedule list are all getting shorter and shorter.

Mark has made both of the farmhouse benches for the dining room.  The farmhouse table comes next!  I am experimenting with the vinegar and steel wool stain for it.  I am trying several combinations to see which one produces the color I am looking for.  Not to worry, pictures and a post will follow when it is done.  I am beyond thrilled to have this so close to being marked off of the honey-do list!

I have been canning as well.  There is something so gratifying about putting up jars of food into the pantry.  I have started with quartered tomatoes.

These tomatoes are now quartered and canned!

Next, I am looking to can pickles using the cucumbers we are harvesting from the garden.

Future pickle!

Soon, my purple podded beans will be ready to start picking.  I am having a hard time deciding whether to can them or freeze them.  Which do you prefer?

I have put on my mad scientist hat and am working on creating a new soap scent using Pink Grapefruit and Spearmint.  It sounds so yummy, doesn’t it?  *grin*  My newest soap scent, Skydiving Diva, which includes the essential oil Frankincense, is having a great response from the people who have tried it.  I am afraid my new batch of it will not be ready before I am out of what I already have made.  Whoops!   That is what happens when I get a little behind on my soap making.

Spiced Mocha Latte

I find that there is such a sense of satisfaction about drying our clothing outside on the line.  Almost every load has been hung out the past several days.  I love the thought that I am keeping that little dial on the power meter from flying around so quickly!   Who’s with me?!?!

There are only a few odds and ends left to finalize our curriculum for the year.   Don’t you just love when a box of curriculum is delivered?!  I am working on selling the stuff we don’t need, and I am creating a page for this blog listing everything that we use.  Are you ready for the new school year?

Let’s close out this post by making sure you know that I am hosting a series of Facebook only giveaways just to show my appreciation for my readers.  Not only am I getting to bless the winners with awesome free stuff, I am also getting to share the businesses and Facebook pages of small businesses that are owned and operated by ladies who work from home.  These businesses help to support their futures and their families.  Love it!

Check out today’s giveaway and keep your eyes open for new ones!

How is your week shaping up so far?

God bless,


I have been contributing a little to a couple of other blogs:  The Marathon Mom and Life With Lissy.  More contributions to other blogs are in the works!


One response to “A Whole Lotta Everything

  1. Hey Rhen- came over from Marathon Mom…..we have 8 children as well and just started our homeschooling journey! I look forward to following your blog 🙂

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