A Couple of Different Name Sign Designs

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to make unique and individual name signs for 8 different people while not repeating a font or design.  It is pretty stinkin’ hard, let me tell you!

On to the design for Renee’s name sign.

For this sign you need a 1×2 that is about 3 foot long, a thin piece of wood that is wider than the letters you are using and longer than the total length of the letters put side by side, the letters of the person’s name, paint in the person’s favorite color, a sheet of scrapbooking paper for each letter, spray adhesive, a hot glue gun, and bling to decorate.

Mark was a huge part of the beginning of this particular design.  First, he measured and cut the wood to give me 5 squares that are all the same size.  Each one of them holds a letter of her name.

Next, I painted the edge of each of them with a color that worked with the scrapbook paper we chose.  I also painted the letters this same color.

After two coats of paint dried, I applied the scrapbook paper to the smoothest side of the wood.  You don’t want any bumps showing through the paper!  To do this, spray each piece of wood with adhesive…

… and place the scrapbook paper on it with the pretty side facing out.  Let the adhesive dry for a couple of hours before you do anything else with it.

Once the paper has fully adhered to the wood, use a razor knife to trim around the edges, like this:

I recommend trimming the paper on a piece of cardboard.   You don’t want to leave cut marks in your table or counters!

Next, I hot glued each of the letters to the papered wood.

At this point, Mark used a wood glue and attached the squares to the 1×2 piece of wood.  I chose to layer the squares to give a little depth to the sign.

While the other kids’ signs were all a surprise, Renee helped to create her name sign.  She found the green letters to be too stark, so I used a paper towel and sponged on a light layer of pink onto each letter.  She also chose to decorate with pearls and paper flowers.  After she arranged how she wanted the flowers to look, I hot glued them in place.

She is ecstatic with her sign.  The blues, greens, pinks, and blacks are just what she was looking for and gives her sign a more grown up look.  *grin*

I also want to share Noah’s name sign with you.  I used a few of the same techniques for his.

For this sign I used very large block letters, 4 different scrapbook pages that had the same theme, spray adhesive, a razor knife, picture hangers, and some paint.

For Noah’s name I started by painting all of the edges of the letters with a bright red paint.  After the two coats of paint dried, I sprayed the smoothest side of the letters with adhesive and placed a different scrapbook page on each one.  Take care to smooth out the paper as you lay it on each letter.

Once the paper was fully adhered, I used a razor knife to trim around all of the edges.  It didn’t take long at all.  *grin*

To hang the letters on his wall, I hot glued a picture hanger on the back of each one.

It is not easy coming up with something that is acceptable to a teenage guy, but this design hit home!

Are neither of these particular signs not really your style?  Check out Emily Grace’s, Hannah’s, Olivia’s, or Susannah’s.  Maybe you will find some inspiration in one of them.

Any questions?

Up next, Layla’s flying high name sign!

God bless,



2 responses to “A Couple of Different Name Sign Designs

  1. Not only are you way more creative than I, but also much more patient! As beautiful as they are, that is a lot of work (to me). Inspiring it is, but I think I will stick to bendaroos! =)

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