I Dub Thee Project Week!

While our new school year has just started, we have not begun our full-day schedule. (We are still on the lighter summer schedule.)

This is the time when I put aside a full week, called my Project Week, to attack and complete all of those projects I have been working on for weeks or months, or have be planning to do.

Here are a few things I am accomplishing this week:

♦I am in the middle of finally finishing the organization of my side of the garage.  This has been ongoing all summer long.  Our art area and all of the supplies are located in there, and I need to get everything in its place and ready to use.  The kids are ready to let their creativity flow!

♦I am rearranging, reorganizing, and cleaning out our school room.  This is quite a project!  Posters are being updated, curriculum is being changed out for the proper grades, papers are being filed and stored, everything is being dusted and wiped down, and I am rearranging the layout to try and maximize my space.  Have you ever heard the phrase ten pounds of stuff in a five pound bucket?  Exactly!

♦I need to pull everything out of my closet and be very, very choosy about what goes back in.  It is time to purge and reorganize!  My closet seems to be THE area to store pretty much everything.  It is a good thing I have a Pinterest board all about organization!  *wink*

♦Last, but not least, the kids and I have to deep clean the main living areas of the house.  You know, the kitchen, living room, entryway, and dining room.  There is so much more room when the kids get all of their belongings put away!  Amazing concept, isn’t it?!

What does all of this have to do with homeschooling?  For me, lots!

Knowing the house is clean and de-cluttered takes a weight off of my shoulders and makes me feel energized!   Having a fully prepared school room and an art area that is organized and ready to use makes jumping into our full fall schedule that much easier.

When everything is ready and the projects are no longer there waiting for me for  to do them, I can focus my time and energy fully on the enjoying the new school year.

Do you do a it-is-almost-time-to-jump-into-the-new-school-year deep cleaning and organizing?  What projects do you tackle to get ready?

God bless,


You can also find a weekly post from me at Life With Lissy!  Check out last week’s post on patience.

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