Thankful Thursday ~FPU~

What I am thankful for this week?  Two words:  Dave Ramsey!  Yes, really.

If you follow Yes, They Are All  Mine on Facebook, then you may have noticed my posts about our recent headlong jump into the financial challenge that is better known as Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University.

Our journey started over four years ago and finally culminated last month.  What can I say?  Sometimes we are a little hardheaded and God has to be persistent!

It was four years ago that we were first introduced to some of the concepts that Dave Ramsey teaches.  Mark and I looked into the FPU program, but is was out of our price range.

God would bring Dave Ramsey and his gift of financial help into our lives two more times before we were ready to step out and take control.  Hardheaded, remember?  *wink*

While we were interested in learning more about budgeting and becoming financially free, just as with so many things in life, we had to come to a point where it was more than just a great idea, it was exactly what we needed at that moment.  God works like that.

Now, we have never been free-spenders who received a paycheck, bought stuff, and then tried to pay bills with what was left over.  I have always had a general budget… in my head.  I knew about what I could spend on groceries, and bills have always been paid, but what about the money that didn’t go to bills and groceries? It is just not a good thing to get to the end of the month and not know where all of your money has gone!

We have been truly blessed that not only did God prepare our hearts to receive the instruction and advice of Dave Ramsey, but He also provided the funds and a great price just when we needed it.

I am loving having a budget and knowing exactly where every penny is going.  But, that’s not the best part.  For me, the best part is that Mark and I are on the same page, heading in the same direction, and working on the same plan for our and our children’s future.

We may have just begun taking steps on this path, but the differences have already sent the ripples of God’s blessings into other areas of our lives and into the lives of our friends and family.  I am so very thankful!

All for the glory of God,


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2 responses to “Thankful Thursday ~FPU~

  1. Dave Ramsey is great – We are on Baby Steps 5-6 right now and the program has been such a stress relief for us. Good luck on your journey – it can be a tough one, but once you go debt free, you’ll never want to go back!!

  2. We have been doing the Total Money Makeover since about January, and we are 60% of the way to having 6 months living expenses saved! I never thought that was possible for us! Dave Ramsey really opened our eyes to how our money works. 🙂

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