Just As Important!

Summer is in full swing and hot!  At least, here in the deep south it is with several weeks of triple degree heat.

In addition to spending time swimming, playing, hanging out with family, grilling out, and sleeping in, we homeschooling families are knee-deep in researching, ordering, purging, and organizing curriculum.  We are preparing our school supply lists, sorting through our teacher helps, and taking care of a seemingly endless to-do list.

One of the items that may be on that to-do list is working on a daily schedule for your upcoming school year.  That is what I want to talk to you about.

Yes, let’s schedule time for math, reading, spelling, history, science, language arts, foreign language, and any other subjects whose curriculum caught our eye when we were a little strung out on the whole curriculum shopping high.  Ya know.

I want you to consider scheduling in a few things that I actually had to learn to schedule in myself, but learn, I did!

1.  Time to snuggle and hang out.

Taking time to snuggle with your Littles and Middles, and hang out with your older kids is so important.  This is time to talk or not say a word.  Time to watch a movie together or talk about dreams.  Whatever it is that you and your kids fill that time up with, enjoy it together!

2.  Time to get creative.

I am not just talking about the crafts that are really 70-80% mom or dad and 20-30% kid.  Both kids and adults need time to get creative.  Whether that comes through painting with acrylics, watercolors, or oil paints, drawing with pencils, charcoal, or pastels, creating with clays, or whatever medium you choose, let the creative side of both of you flow without rules or restrictions.  Looking for ideas?  Check out Pinterest!

3.  Time to read.

Take a trip to your local library and find a book or three to get lost in.  Junie B. Jones books, Little House on the Prairie books, and Nancy Drew books are just a few of the books that are loved by our kids.  Personally, I enjoy reading books that give me great ideas and inspirations to educate my children better, or help me to be a better mom and wife.  What am I reading at this moment?  Educating the WholeHearted Child by Clay Clarkson from Apologia.

4.  Time to pray.

Taking our concerns and hopes to God in prayer is essential.   We should set aside time to pray with our children as well as for our children.  My prayers include asking for God’s help in reaching and teaching our children, in helping them to conquer, helping them to learn and implement God’s word in their lives, and  helping them to develop a love of learning that will stay with them all of their days.  I definitely need God’s help in achieving these goals!

5.  Time with friends.

Set aside the time for friends.  It is just as important that mom and dad get time to fellowship with their friends as the kids do.  Invite some of your favorite people over for an afternoon of hanging out, snacking, and laughing.  Finding other homeschooling families to connect with can make a huge difference.  Having other homeschooling moms, dads, and kids to talk with, bounce ideas off of, and seek advice from is a definite essential!

6.  Time to play.

Running, swinging, hiking, bike riding, building sandcastles, skating, jumping rope, climbing trees, and stacking blocks are all great ways to get away from the table and get moving.  The fresh air, using some energy, and taking a little physical activity break can do wonders for concentration!

7.  Time to relax and just breathe.

Kids and parents alike need a few moments to take a deep breath and relax.  Our goals, deadlines, markers, and schedules can get us pretty wound up and on edge at times.  The way to defeat this overload is to step back, put your feet up, and just breathe.  It doesn’t do us or our kids any good to get overwhelmed and overdone.  That can easily set up back rather than help us move forward!

What would you advice others to schedule a little time for?

All for God’s glory,


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3 responses to “Just As Important!

  1. You left out time with the Granny and Papaw…I pray that we are a blessing to them and a good influience.

  2. Totally agree! (I agree with Kay too!) These are the things we have the time to make sure we schedule in. The joy of homeschooling!

  3. Great list! I’m trying to work on making time for most of the things. They’re so important!

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