You Capture! ~Summer~

I adore summer.  I am a hot weather girl.  With my hair pulled up on top of my head, my sunglasses on, a pair of sandals with oh-so-cute painted toe nails, and a pair of shorts, I am ready to soak up the sun!

One of the our favorite things to do is lie on our backs and watch the clouds as they drift by.   I just listen to the Littles and the Middles talk about the shapes and animals they see.  They are a never-ending source of entertainment.

I see a little hippo in this one.

In this one, I see a little crab (middle, left)

The summer storms that blow up in the afternoons are a welcome site around here.  Mark and I enjoy sitting on the porch and watching as the storms rolls through and the lightning dances!

Hands down, the favorite summer fruit in our home is watermelon.

Apparently, it takes great concentration to properly eat and fully enjoy a sweet slice.

This is Israel’s first watermelon.  It was love after just one bite.  Don’t even think about taking it from him!

What shapes did you see in the clouds?

All for God’s glory,


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4 responses to “You Capture! ~Summer~

  1. Wonderful shots! Our 3.5 year old daughter adores watermelon too. 🙂 Love your cloud captures — we’ve been doing a lot more of hunting the clouds lately which I just love. Looking forward to teaching our daughter to look for them too 🙂

  2. I love your posts and have I mentioned this before? Your littles and middles – so cute! And your kiddos with their watermelons – well I can’t stop smiling! I don’t know you all but I love your family AND your photos!

  3. cute watermelon pics! I am not fond of cutting watermelon, so we don’t eat much of it at our house! 🙂

  4. Love your blog and photos. Nothing is cuter than your little boy and his watermelon. Keep up the good work. I check daily for new posts.

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