You Capture! ~Feet~

With 8 children, there are a lot of feet around here and a lot of opportunities for photographing feet.

Yeah, we could go with the I’ve-been-playing-in-the-dirt-and-have-filthy-little-toes feet.  We could easily go with the I-cannot-sit-on-my-tush-on-the-couch-so-I-will-put-my-feet-in-Dad’s-face feet.   And there is the ever-popular I-found-a-rogue-marker-and-even-though-it-is-supposed-to-be-washable-you-will-never-be-able-to-actually-wash-it-off feet.

Rather, we went with the I’ve-been-sneaking-and-sticking-my-sandy-feet-in-Momma’s-fountain feet.

Who could possibly be using my little fountain as her personal foot washer?

Why, it is sweet Layla (3)!  Between the kids and the dogs, it is almost impossible to keep the fountain clean or full of water!

One last “feet” shot comes courtesy of Daddy and Israel (16 mo) snuggling in the kitchen.

I find it a little difficult to wrap my brain around just how quickly our Little Man is growing up.  It seems as though it was only yesterday that both of his feet fit in the cup of just one of Daddy’s hands.  *sigh*  They just grow up faster and faster, don’t they?

Did you join in Beth @I Should Be Folding Laundry’s weekly photo challenge?

All for God’s glory,




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