Make a cute chalkboard tray!

Not that long ago, our family headed over to our dear friends’ house (Paige of Blessed in Birmingham) for a birthday party.  Their sweet, sweet Rylie was turning the big 3.  She and our Layla are just days apart.

While I did pick up a couple of gifts for her, I really wanted to make her something that she would truly enjoy.

I was inspired by a couple of different projects that I had going on.  Those projects may or may not still be ongoing at this moment.  *ahem*

What you need for this project:

  • Chalkboard paint (already had this in the garage)
  • A variety of sizes of paintbrushes (used a few from our arts and crafts area)
  • Acrylic paint w/ your choice of colors (had this already)
  • A wooden tray (bought this on sale from Hobby Lobby.  It cost me around $3)

First, choose a paint color that you would like to be the base for the tray and give the tray 2 coats of it.  Make sure you paint every surface of the tray, including where you will be applying the chalkboard paint.  Allow the paint to dry thoroughly between the coats.

Next, paint the inside bottom of the tray with chalkboard paint.  You will want 2 coats of this as well.  The chalkboard paint sticks better if you painted the whole tray with the base color first.

Pink and purple are Rylie’s favorite colors, so I chose a dark purple for the base color, and I followed that by painting small pink flowers randomly around the tray.

After adding some more details, I had to let the tray set for a while.  Chalkboard paint must not be drawn on for 3 days.  In order to condition the chalkboard part of the tray (after waiting the 3 days), rub it with a piece of chalk, and wipe it off with a dry cloth.  No wet cloths for the first 7 days.

Unfortunately, you cannot see all of the details very well in this picture.  Each light pink flower petal has a dark pink stripe down the middle, and the center of the flower is marked with a dot of happy yellow paint.  I also used a very soft green to draw vines and leaves connecting the flowers.

This would make a great gift for any child, but it holds advantages for younger kids.  It is easy for a child to keep up with their chalk and eraser, because they  can’t slide off of the tray!

We rounded out the gift with a pack of white chalk and a pack of colored chalk.  Her Momma has reported that it is a big hit, and I know Paige would never lie to me!  *wink*

Baseballs, soccer balls, camo design, cars, trains, and the like would make a great chalkboard tray for a little boy.

Other little girl designs could be stripes, rainbows, balloons, and ballerinas, just to name a few.

I have a great appreciation for gifts that are versatile, easy to do, and can be personalized.

Do you have a child you know that would enjoy a gift like this?  How would you decorate it?

All for God’s glory,


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3 responses to “Make a cute chalkboard tray!

  1. Oooh cool! What a great idea! Love it!

  2. I would never lie! And it is a big hit! So far it’s been drawn on every day!

  3. Oh my! That is adorable! What a creative idea.

    Thanks so much for sharing it at Thrifty Thursday Paige. 🙂

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