Oh Snap!

Well, there goes our personal record down the tubes!  We made it 8 kids and 15 years without one broken bone in the group of them.  Now, snap!

I personally thought it was going to be our oldest son, Noah.  That boy is always climbing, falling, jumping, riding, and just plain dare-deviling (yep, I believe that is a brand new word) everything he can.  I have learned to not cringe too obviously when I hear him yell, “Hey Mom, watch this!”.

Alas, it was our gymnast who decided to have the honors of first broken bone.

How do her coaches feel about it?

Like this:

Ms. Firecracker (11) and her head coach.

My already somewhat full schedule is now a little fuller with physical therapy appointments and orthopedic specialist appointments.

One of her physical therapy workouts to keep her foot and ankle strong.

Do you think having a broken foot and wearing a Frankenboot is gonna keep this gymnast down?  Not a chance!

Working on her half-pirouettes for her level 8 bar routine.

So, what happened?

During practice a few weeks ago she hit the vaulting springboard funny and snapped her 3rd metatarsal clean in half.  That would be the bone that connects the two smaller bones of her middle toe to the rest of her foot.  Um, ouch.  It still makes my foot feel funky when I think about it.

So, you may be asking, “Rhen, what does all of this have to do with being thankful?  Her foot is broken!”.

I know, but let me share with you a few things that I am extremely thankful about:

  • She had the first week of her injury off from gymnastics.  There are only 2 weeks in a year that she does not have practice, and it was one of them.
  • She spent the week with her Granny and Papaw.  Granny has a medical background, and had Emily Grace on crutches, her foot elevated, and iced for the week.  It had a great jump-start on healing.
  • Through a very God-touched series of events we were able to see the BEST sports ortho group in the Southeast.
  • Her break was clean, there was not tissue or nerve damage, and no sprain!
  • Because of the injury and the progress of healing, she didn’t have to get a traditional cast.  She has a walking boot with a toe insert to protect and stabilize her foot.
  • She will still be able to go to gymnastics camp, though tumbling is out.
  • Of all of the injuries she could of had (bad sprain, torn ligaments, hair-line fracture, tendon damage) this is the best case scenario for a fast healing and not having a problem injury that will plague her for life.
  • And, she will tell you that she is loving getting to spend so much time on bars!  🙂  Love the good attitude.

I am truly thankful that God has had His hand in this whole thing and is watching out for Emily Grace, considering how much time He has to spend keeping a watchful eye for Noah during his stunts!

What are you thankful for this week?  Whether it be simple or life-changing, we can be sure in our knowledge that God is telling us, “I got this!”.

All for God’s glory,


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2 responses to “Oh Snap!

  1. Glad you’ve found the silver lining! 🙂 We have 8 as well, but my oldest is 11. We’ve haven’t had a broken bone yet, but I’m sure my day is coming…

  2. There have been a lot of broken bones in our gym lately, but they haven’t been so lucky. Every day I am seeing someone new with a cast on. Makes me on edge a bit more. So glad she she got the best scenario injury though!

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