You Capture ~Something I Did~

Beth’s You Capture! photo challenge for the past week was to focus on something we did.  While I did accomplish a lot this past week, most of it focused on selling soap at Market Days.

I made a spiffy new sign.  It still needs a little something more.  If you have any ideas, shoot ’em at me!  I am in need of some inspiration.

In addition to preparing during the week, my time at Market Day is about 12 hours.  We rise very early in the morning to finish loading my soap and supplies that did not get loaded the night before, and then my helper(s) and I head out to the vendor location.

It is a lot of work, but I truly enjoy participating in markets like these.  I am blessed to meet so many new people and be able to take the time to talk with them.

Sometimes we talk kids, other times we talk homeschooling, and there are times we talk about homesteading, but we always talk soap!

The older folks that stop by my table often reminisce about their youth and the soaps their moms and grandmothers used to make.   I could listen to their stories all day long.  It is as if I am watching a movie unfold in my head as they share the details of a life in a world so unlike ours today.

Market Day brings together a wide variety of vendors and crafters.  I am a people person and love talking with them, exploring the treasures they have brought, and sometimes bartering a little soap for something interesting like a handcrafted coffee mug, a personalized tin sign, or an adorable gown for one of my Littles.

As a matter of fact, 2 of the vendors from Market Day are sponsoring my “I Appreciate My Readers” giveaways that are coming up.  Woo Hoo!!  Keep your eyes open for at least 3 giveaways in the next couple of weeks.

Did you snap some shots of something you did last week?  Write and post and link it up!  Everyone is invited to join in whether you are a beginner, a hobbyist, or a professional.

This week’s challenge is Pretty.  Grab your camera and start snapping!!

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All for God’s glory,


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3 responses to “You Capture ~Something I Did~

  1. I would love to see a pretty picture of a goat on your new sign.

  2. Your soaps look wonderful! My week was also about goats milk soap. I love making it, and I wish I had the time to take it to the markets myself. Maybe some day.

  3. The photos look good and the soap are attractive. 🙂

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