Fishing With The Littles aka: Many Opportunities to Perfect Your Cast

My Dad told me that I was only 18 months old when I caught my first fish.

For a long time I found that to be both funny and plausible.  Now that I have children of my own, I look at the idea of “catching” a fish as a toddler with a great deal of skepticism and even a little bit of empathy for my Dad.  I know what he went through to help me “catch” that fish!

During our recent spring camping trip, Mark, Granny, and I all gave our Littles many opportunities to go fishing, and they took us up on every one of them.

Susannah (5) fishing

Preparations for such fishing adventures are fully Mark’s responsibility and a source of great entertainment for me as I watch from my oh-so-comfortable camping chair.

First, Mark unloads his 150 5-7 fishing rods from the trailer.  Next, out come the poles for each of the children with the exception of Israel (15 mo).  For some strange reason every single one of them gets tangled no matter how hard he tries to prevent it.  After a good half hour of untangling and preparing his poles, he turns his attention to the mass of children that have surrounded him and watched with great intensity as he wrestled and coaxed the lines and lures apart all while controlling his frustration, somewhat.  He then sets to work on their poles.

Over the next half hour or so the kids will attempt to “help” their dad by bringing one of his many, many tackle boxes, or by bringing him one of his umpteen fishing lures.  The man has quite the collection!

A few of things that came out of Mark’s mouth many times each and had me giggling during this whole process:

  • Stop touching the hooks!
  • I don’t need all of my tackle boxes in my lap.
  • I will fix your pole next.
  • You have to wait your turn.
  • I just fixed that!
  • You already have a bobber on your line.
  • Don’t push that button!
  • You are going to poke me in the eye with that pole if you keep shoving it at me.
  • Don’t hook your sister!
  • Don’t hook the dog!
  • No sword fighting with the poles!
  • Please, just go sit down with your pole until I am ready.

Now, apparently, when you go fishing with Granny we must take turns petting the worm that we are using for bait.  Then we follow these steps until the kids are tired or Granny’s arm is worn out from casting:

  1. Pet worm.
  2. Have Granny cast line out.
  3. One child immediately reels it in.
  4. Pet worm.
  5. Have Granny cast line out.
  6. A different child immediately reels it in.
  7. Pet worm.
  8. Have Granny cast line out.
  9. A third child leaves the line in the water for a total of 30 seconds before reeling it in.
  10. Said child brags about being able to “just leave the bait in the water like a big girl does”.

Susannah (5) and Layla (3) petting the worm as Granny holds the pole

When it is time to go fishing with Daddy, we must remember the proper fishing form and how to best set the hook!

First, we must watch our line and bobber carefully all while being ready to pounce when necessary.

Layla (3) and Daddy fishing

Once your bobber goes down, or if you feel a good tug on your line, set the hook!

Layla (3) and Daddy showing the proper “setting the hook” form

When you have finally battled your monster catch up onto the shore, show it off!

Susannah (5) showing off her monster catch.

It can be quite an adventure and a little tiring when we take the Littles fishing, but it is well worth all of the time and preparation for the half hour they actually fish.  Some of my favorite memories of my childhood are from the time my dad and I spent fishing together, and I know that Mark and I are building memories for our own children.   Here’s to many more opportunities to build great memories with our family.

All for God’s glory,



2 responses to “Fishing With The Littles aka: Many Opportunities to Perfect Your Cast

  1. Sounds a lot like us going fishing. We pull out all the tangled poles (they weren’t tangled either when put in the suburban). Then, we make sure we have scissors, extra hooks, bobbers, and weights. Some of the kids bait their hooks, some don’t yet. The youngest 2 don’t cast yet, but the other 3 do. Then, it’s Marc and me going back and forth from holding baby and untangling, unhooking from terrra flora and fauna, and building new lines. One time my mom and dad came, too…..they couldn’t believe how it was a never-ending job of untangling, unhooking, and fixing new lines. Sometimes there were more than one kid waiting somewhat patiently to be unhooked from a tree while one of us was untangling another’s line from Granma’s line, etc.

    Believe it or not, I did take 4 of the kids fishing one day, and we came home with 9 fish—-nope, none of them was mine (I don’t buy a license because it would be a waste of money—I don’t get any fishing time LOL), and 4 of them we buried with the corn–they were “sucker fish” and not fit for eating according to our elderly neighbor (it did work–just like Squanto said—those corn grew twice as big as the ones that we didn’t put any fish). We enjoyed the other 5 fish very nicely for dinner—delicious!! The kids never forget that “trip to the creek” and since we haven’t had as much luck, but I’m sure as they get older, we’ll get more fish 😉

  2. That is quite the monster catch! How fun!!!

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