Thankful for Sisterly Love

A few weeks ago, I shared with you all the excitement of Emily Grace qualifying for regionals as a Level 7 Optional gymnast.  She is one of only 19 Level 7 girls who was selected to represent the state of Alabama as they competed against the top Level 7’s from many other states in the Southeast.

Being a competitive gymnast who has reached the Optional levels takes a lot of dedication (she trains 5 out of 7 days a week), a heart for it (this is not what she does– it is who she is), and a determination to do bigger, harder, and more complicated skills.

Emily Grace (11) is required (by Daddy and I) to raise her own money for her competition leo, her meet fees, her warm-up, and any costs she has as an Optional.  That includes the expense of her competitive season, competing at Regionals, and attending a gymnastics camp to work on bigger skills.   Mark and I pay for her monthly training fees, food, the gas to take her to practice, food, her practice leos, food, traveling, and did I mention FOOD?    Boy, that girl can eat!

She works very hard to earn money, to find sponsors, and to search out every opportunity to raise the amount she needs each competitive year.  With the added expense of Regionals and then Bama Camp this summer, she has been praying and thinking all the more!

Her oldest sister, Renee (15), not only believes in her and the gift that God has blessed her with, she has also come up with a wonderful way of helping Emily Grace raise the approximate $1000 she needs.

She designed a necklace to sell with almost every penny going towards Emily Grace’s competitive expenses.  The necklace is comprised of a simple black cord and a silver-toned charm that reads Believe.

  • We Believe in God’s gifts and blessings
  • We Believe in kindness and serving others
  • We Believe in our kids
  • We Believe in sisters helping sisters
  • We Believe in God’s plan for Emily Grace
  • We Believe in the heart that God has given Renee
  • We Believe in being thankful for all of those things and more

Renee has even expanded the necklaces to include circle charms that read a variety of traits and qualities of a competitive gymnast- Focus, Determine, Passion, Strength, or Integrity.  Each creation also has a touch of color with a small glass bead that dangles with the charm.  She has also created matching Believe bracelets!  She sells them for $10 per necklace, $6 per bracelet, or $15 for a matching pair (necklace and bracelet).

It fills my Momma heart with thankfulness and joy to see a sister willing to step up, give of her time and resources, and help her little sister achieve her dreams and her goals.

Sometimes, God shows us that maybe we are doing an okay job of raising our children for His glory, and I am pretty thankful for that as well.

All for God’s glory,


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