The Pitcher and the Stones

Do you remember Aesop’s fable about The Crow and The Pitcher?

Not long ago, that fable inspired a fantastic learning moment with the kids during our morning Bible study.  It was one of those times when God blesses you with an absolutely engaging and eye-opening lesson, for both the children and yourself!

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Each of us is a pitcher that God fill up with His Spirit, His love, His grace, and His mercies.  Reading and studying our Bibles, sharing His word and His love with others all help us to keep our pitchers at overflowing.  Applying His word, serving others, and spending quiet time in prayer are also all things we need to remain steadfast in so that we continue to be at the point of overflowing.

All of this is necessary to keep the worldly influences from robbing us of our blessings and weakening our relationship with God.  The compromises that people make on a daily basis slowly but surely drain our lives and empty our pitchers of God’s holy influence.

Imagine you are a pitcher filled to the top and overflowing with water.  The water is the Holy Spirit, God Himself.  Around the pitcher are a variety of small stones, and each of them represent the compromises that you make.  One stone represents you watching a tv show that you know is full of foul language, inappropriately dressed people, and immoral lessons.  You pick up that one stone and drop it into the pitcher.  A small amount of water is displaced.  It seems like no big deal, after all the pitcher is still almost completely full.

What happens when we start putting in a stone for each compromise?  Compromises like:  forgoing time in prayer to watch tv, not reading God’s word because our schedule is “too full”, watching a movie that promotes ideas and situations that God’s word warns us of, seeking man’s approval rather than God’s, listening to songs that focus our hearts on worldly things rather than God, gossiping, “little white lies”, reading a book that fills our heads and our hearts with things that God tells us to avoid, coming up with excuses as to why you think God really doesn’t mind the compromises because they are “no big deal”, pretending and fooling ourselves into believing something is about God when it isn’t, applying the phrase” it’s just a game or book or movie and all made up” to whatever it is that you want to engage in, and using the actions of the people around you to attempt to justify a compromise, just to name a few.

Pretty soon we have completely filled ourselves with worldly compromises and emptied ourselves of God’s Holy Spirit.  How can we then stand strong against the attacks the enemy is so adept at throwing our way?  How can we share God’s love with others when our pitchers are empty?  How can we shine for God when the light has been doused?  All we have left to give to the people around us are stones.  

This brings to mind the children’s song, Be Careful Little Ears What You Hear.

This lesson continues to ring in my ears.  I find myself checking to see what I am filling my “pitcher” up with.  Does what I am watching/ reading/ listening to/ engaging in focus my heart on God?  Will other people see God through my life?

When we face a moment of decision, I ask my children these same questions.  It is amazing how often we are confronted with a situation that would be so easy to compromise about, but we must stand strong and fix our eyes on God.

What is your pitcher filled with?

All for God’s glory,


So tell me, do you ever “get” God’s lessons that are for your children but speak oh-so-loudly to you?

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  1. This really blessed my heart today!

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