Safari at the Birmingham Zoo

If you are ever in need of a little adventure in your life, take 8 children that are yours, add one child that is not, also add several other parents who are outnumbered by their children, and head to the zoo.  Two days later, you will still be amazed by all of the beauty of God’s creation and filled with flashbacks of terror at the thought that there is a child leaning too far over the fence or who has wandered off.

Nevertheless, we had a great time, and I took way too many pictures.  *grin*

Brightly colored birds welcome you as come through the front gate.  More than a dozen of these preen, stretch, and play in an open area that invites you to sit and watch a while.  We did.

Surrounding their open area is a small pond that is filled with goldfish.  Layla (2) was fascinated and watched for several minutes as we reviewed our maps and planned out our excursion.

You can watch as the caretakers feed and play with the sea lions and join in to feed the pelicans.  I am amazed at how large the pelicans’ mouths are!

The crusty, ole alligator more enjoys sunning himself than anything else.

There are stunning birds and amazing animals every where you turn.  It has been so hard choosing which photos to share.

Everyone, meet Einstein.  *giggle, snort*  I can’t help myself!

One of my favorite interactions was getting to watch the trainers work with the elephants.  Their gentleness and power is a awe-inspiring combination.

The flamingos are surprisingly gentle when you feed them.

I believe Noah’s(13)  favorite part is the huge chess game.  I am thinking that we can do this in the back yard.  Maybe I can sculpt the pieces out of foam.  Hmmmm.

Renee (15), on the left, made sure Israel (13 mo) could see everything.  Every time he spotted an animal he would squeal with delight.  I think he and Layla, who is 2, are at the most fun ages for a parent to “see” the zoo through.  They remind me just how fantastic it all really is.

The Little and Middles didn’t want to leave the petting area.

Strike a pose!

Poor Susannah (5) wasn’t tall enough to reach the giraffe mask she had her little eyes on.  Thank goodness for big sister help!

Last, but far from least, I want to share this picture with you.

Isn’t he incredible?  Wow!

There is so much that didn’t get to show you.  So many places for the kids to play and explore that I have great shots of, but this post would be significantly longer!  Considering the forecast was for severe storms that day, we were so blessed to have no crowds to deal with, no waiting to feed and interact with the different animals, and perfect weather!

So, did you enjoy our little safari?  🙂

All for God’s glory,


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